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Our article on Android launchers lacked one thing. We did not talk about any iPhone launchers for Android. Sometimes, Android users want their smartphone to look like the default ios launcher.

It’s understandable. You want the power and customization features of Android. But, at the same time, you want the simple and compact design of Apple’s launcher.

Top iPhone Launchers


iLauncher is, by far, the best iOS launcher for Android. It supports iPhone gestures, to an extent. For example, it allows the swipe up, swipe down and home button actions of an iPhone.

It’s really fast and the transition effects are just as smooth and accurate as on any iPhone. And, you can delete and move apps just as you would on an iPhone.

This launcher removes the app drawer. Hence, just like on iOS, all your app are on the home screen.

One Launcher

One Launcher offers one of the closest resemblances to an iPhone launcher. What I like about this launcher is that it has the same transition effects and icon packs/system icons as an iPhone.

Furthermore, One Launcher organizes your apps in categories. So, your social media apps like Facebook and Twitter and video streaming apps like YouTube or Showtime Anytime are separate.

But, you can still arrange the apps as you like. To get the best of any iOS launcher, remember to install them on a high-end Android smartphone. For example, the Galaxy S9.

iLauncher For OS 10

iLauncher For OS 10 is a good one. It transforms your Android into an iOS 10-like smartphone. This Android launcher app actually shows the unread count on the messaging app (other apps require a premium version).

However, the feature only works with the messaging app. But, at first glance, it does get most everything else right. From quick toggles, pull down for notifications, and even the iPhone dialer.

OS 10 Launcher

Continuing with OS 10 Launcher. The best thing about this iPhone launcher is that it is completely free.

It has an Apple-like weather widget. It has a spotlight search-like feature that shows recent apps. And, the transitions and effects mimic that of iOS very well.

xOS iPhone Launcher

No. xOS iPhone Launcher does not make your Android look like an iPhone X. But, it does work well on high-end as well as low-end Android smartphones.

It’s rather simple and lightweight. And, it does look very much like the iOS interface. It’s on the list because it works with most any Android phone.

iLauncher for IOS 11

iLauncher for IOS 11, on the other hand, looks just like the iPhone X interface. It uses the latest iOS 11 design and features the iPhone X’s wallpapers, icons, and just about everything else.

If we were to choose just one launcher from this list as the very best, the best iPhone launcher for Android is iLauncher for IOS 11. It has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on the Play Store. 

Other iOS Launchers

Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is a premier home screen replacement app for Android. The launcher focuses on offering you a lag free experience and unlike the iOS interface, you still get to set up unlimited widgets.

Espier Launcher really makes your Android smartphone look just like iOS. It features the iOS 6 and iOS 7 look. But, the app is no longer developed. So, if you want it, you have to install an older version (not recommended).

Launcher For iPhone 7

This one is kind of an iffy iPhone launcher for Android. Launcher For iPhone 7. The first thing I noticed with this iPhone launcher is that it allows you to get the iPhone lock screen on your Android.

It aims to make your Android look like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. But, it has ads. Lots of ads. And, sometimes, the app icons open the wrong app. It may work for you but I did not like the experience.

i6 Plus Launcher

i6 Plus Launcher, as the name suggests, makes your Android look like the iPhone 6 interface. That’s about it.

It went out of development. And it is no longer on the Google Play Store. But, you can still get the older versions via APK.

Remember, however, that while the iPhone 6 now runs iOS 11+, the launcher does not reflect this change.

Does iPhone / iOS Support Launchers

The short answer is no. Unlike Android, iPhones do not allow for such advanced customization. It’s an Apple thing. SO, for now, you’re stuck with the default iOS interface. Best of luck!!

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