How To Autosave Passwords In Safari On iOS

Did you know that you can autofill passwords on Safari like you do in Google Chrome? By default, Apple does not enable this feature on your iPhone or iPad. However, in less than 30 seconds, you can save your passwords on your iPhone. Then, you can log in to your favorite websites on Safari much quicker.

How To Autosave Passwords On Safari

  • Firstly, open the Safari browser on your iOS device and go to the website for which you want to save the password.
  • Then, enter your login information in the forms.
  • On the iOS keyboard, you ought to see “Passwords”. Tap it.
  • Subsequently, select Save This Password.

Do you not see the passwords option? Then, you need to enable the option in the Autofill settings on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s what to do.

How To Enable AutoFill Of Username And Password On Safari

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then, select Safari.
  • Then, tap on Autofill.
  • Next to Names & Passwords, toggle the switch to ON (Toggle ought to be green).
  • Lastly, select clear History and Website Data. (This does not erase your saved passwords).

Once complete, reopen Safar and follow the steps outlined under how to autosave passwords on Safari. That’s all there is to it. Also, check out these articles:

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