iPhone Emulators To Run iOS On PC Or Mac

In this article, I want to talk about iOS emulators and iPhone emulators. I highlight the features that some of these emulators offer. This is the perfect chance for those of you who want to test the iOS interface before buying an iPhone X.

Or, may you are a developer. An iPhone emulator is the perfect chance for you to test your applications or games before uploading them to the App Store or iTunes.

I split the article into two sections. One section discusses iPhone emulators for Windows PC. While the second section talks about iOS emulators for Mac/MacBooks.

iOS Emulators For Windows PC

MobiOne Studios

MobiOne Studios is an iOS emulator, that though discontinued, still works on Windows. With this emulator, you can test various iOS apps and features.

You can also test games made for iOS. But, what I like most about this emulator is that it is not resource intensive. Hence, you can do lots of testing without slowing down your PC.


Another emulator that lets you run iOS apps on PC is Smartface. This emulator is a favorite among professional app developers.

iOS app developers use Smartface to test apps and features in a controlled environment before releasing them on the App Store.

For this reason, the application sells for $99. However, there is a free version for you to test. Once you use it, you will soon see that it packs lots of features and is arguably one of the best iPhone emulators.


iPadian is a free iPhone emulator for Windows. This one is pretty simple to set up and use. Oh, it’s more like an iPad emulator. But, the iOS interface is the same.

It’s not my favorite because it is a bit slow and bland. However, features include two widgets for Facebook, a search bar, a dock with common applications and a collection of icons for other programs. Included are popular apps like YouTube and Instagram.


appetize.io lets you upload and test iOS apps or cross-platform apps right in your web browser. The free plan is for 1 concurrent user and offers 100 free minutes per month.

When using Appetize, be sure to use an email address to which you have access. It is the only way to get the link to your testing environment.

AIR iPhone

Air iPhone uses the Adobe Air framework. It’s pretty simple. You download the iPhone emulator. And, you install it along with the AIR framework.

After that, you can go ahead and customize the interface to your liking. It is user-friendly and easy to figure out. However, it may not work on Windows 10.


Ripple is a browser-based emulator. It is a multi-platform mobile environment emulator that is custom-tailored to mobile HTML5 application development and testing.

Ripple is a Chrome extension. Hence, it works on any computer that uses Google Chrome. This includes the Chromebook.

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is the Mobile WebResponsive DesigniPhone, and iPad Simulator powerhouse suite built for Mobile Web Professionals, but priced to suit even a hobbyist.

At least, that’s what their website says. Luckily, you can try it free of charge with the 7-day free trial.

Xamarin TestFlight

Only apps that are iOS 8.0 or above can be tested through Xarmarin TestFlight. With it, you can test run iPhone apps on PC. And, it’s an official Apple emulator.

It’s a good iOS emulator but it does have a learning curve. If you’re not inclined to learn a few terms and lines of code, then this one is not for you.

iPhone Simulator

Last, but not least, is iPhone Simulator. It lacks many features and it mainly good for playing games.

On the other hand, many apps don’t work. And, you cannot access the App Store.

Best iPhone Emulators for Mac

Xamarin TestFlight

You already know this one. It’s the official Apple iOS emulator for Mac (and Windows).  Xamarin works with any version of MacOS up to High Sierra.

With it, you can emulate your iPhone on your Mac. As a developer, you can test your iOS apps right on your MacBook with Xamarin TestFlight.


appetize.io also works well on MacOS. Remember, this is a web-based emulator. Hence, all you need to do is upload your app files to the website. Use your actual email address and get a link to run your app in the emulated environment.

These are the only two worth mentioning. Of course, Apple’s very own emulator is the best choice. However, appetize.io is a good follow up.

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