How To Pair Apple TV To Remote

Apple TV Remote Not Working? Sometimes, it’s a good idea to pair Apple TV to remote again to fix any malfunctions. However, doing so does not always resolve the issue. In this article, we explain how to troubleshoot and fix an Apple TV remote that stops working.

How To Pair Apple TV To Remote

Apple Siri Remote Buttons & Functions.

How To Pair Apple TV To Remote

Firstly, we show you how to pair your remote with your Apple TV. Even if you did so already, do it again when you remote or Apple TV is not working. Now, there are two ways to so:

Use Settings Menu To Pair Siri Remote To Apple TV

  • Firstly, from the main menu, select “Settings“.
  • Then, choose “Pair Remote Control“.

Likewise, you may,

  • Press and hold the Menu and »| buttons for 6 seconds to pair.

Once pairing successfully completes, your Apple TV displays a chain-link symbol above a picture of a remote. The Apple TV now works only with the paired remote. However, if your apple tv remote is not working after the repair, continue with the tutorial.

Apple TV Remote Not Working? Try These Fixes

Firstly, we have to spell it out. Have you checked the batteries in your remote? Please do so now to verify that they work. Charge the current batteries and try to use the remote with your TV again.  Also, you can check the charge level on the Apple TV under Remotes & Devices by using an iOS device as a remote. Yes, you can control your Apple TV with most iPhone or iPad devices.

Likewise, ensure that there is no obstruction between the remote and the Apple TV. Why? Both devices communicate via Bluetooth. Should anything interfere with the signal, you will experience problems with the connection to the Apple TV.

Reboot Apple TV

Use this option if you press the Menu button and the Apple TV light blinks:

  • Firstly, hold down the Menu button and the Down button at the same time until the light blinks.
  • Then, unplug the device for six seconds.
  • After six seconds, plug it back in.
  • Lastly, after the Apple TV reboots, see if your remote is working.

Unpair Remote

  • To unpair your Apple TV remote, hold down the Menu button and the Left button at the same time.
  • After a few seconds, an icon appears on the screen showing a remote with two cloud-like icons.
  • That means the remote is unpaired. Once unpaired, use the information above to repair the remote and TV.

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