Google Play Store 12.6.13, 12.6.12, 12.6.11, 12.5.15, and more

Google Play Store APK Latest  Update Downloads/Installs: The Google Play Store is an app developed by Google. It allows you to browse and download games and other applications as well as movies and music on your Android device. 

Here is a list of latest versions of the Google Play app, along with a link the APK files. Once you download the APK, install it easily using a file manager app. Or, you click the downloaded file to begin the installation. However, you have to enable the ‘Unknown sources’ installation in Settings first.

Download Google Play Store APK

19 November 201812.6.13Download
16 November 201812.6.12Download
14 November 201812.6.11Download
11 November 201812.5.15Download
10 November 201812.4.30Download
DatePlay Store APKDownload Link
31 October 201812.4.14Download
31 October 201812.3.30Download
24 October 201812.3.19Download
DatePlay Store versionAPK
19 October 201812.2.13Download
17 October 201812.2.12Download
10 October 201812.1.18Download
09 October 201812.0.20Download
05 October 2018Download
27 September 201811.9.14Download
27 September 201811.9.12Download
20 September 201811.8.09Download
20 September 201811.7.29Download
13 September 201811.7.11Download
13 September 201811.6.19Download
08 September 201811.6.18Download
04 September 201811.5.16Download
25 August 201811.4.16Download
22 August 201811.4.15Download
22 August 201811.3.16Download
18 August 201811.3.15Download
08 August 201811.2.14Download
08 August 201811.1.30Download
04 August 201811.1.15Download
31 July 201811.0.20Download
28 July 201810.8.50Download
24 July 201810.8.33Download
14 July 201810.8.23Download
11 July 201810.8.21Download
01 July 201810.7.18Download
20 June 201810.7.17Download
20 June 201810.6.08Download
20 June 201810.5.33Download
13 June 201810.5.10Download
07 June 201810.4.13Download
07 June 201810.3.31Download
01 June 201810.3.12Download
26 May 201810.3.11Download
26 May 201810.2.06Download
23 May 201810.2.05Download
23 May 201810.1.30Download
17 May 201810.1.08Download
16 May 201810.0.32Download
15 May 201810.0.07Download
02 May 20189.9.21Download
27 April 20189.8.07Download
11 April 20189.6.11Download
04 April 20189.5.09Download
29 March 20189.4.18Download
29 March 20189.3.30Download
21 March 20189.3.14Download
21 March 20189.2.32Download
14 March 20189.2.11Download
14 March 20189.1.30Download
07 March 20189.1.24Download
02 March 20189.1.23Download
27 February 20189.0.15Download
24 February 20188.9.30Download
10 February 20188.9.24Download
08 February 20188.9.23Download
07 February 20188.8.12Download
27 January 20188.7.50Download
17 January 20188.7.10Download
12 January 20188.7.09Download
12 January 20188.6.25Download
05 January 20188.6.22Download
05 January 20188.5.46Download
22 November 20178.4.40Download
02 November 20178.3.75Download
google play store apk

As new versions appear we update the list to add the updated APK file. In the meantime, why not check out the following articles? There all focus on the Google Play app and offer tips and solutions to various issues that may affect the application.

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