Fix iPhone Screen Rotation Stuck In iOS 11

I was just watching a YouTube video in landscape mode on my iPhone X. Then, I went to use iMessage. However, when I opened the app, I noticed that my iPhone remained in landscape mode. The rotation was stuck. It’s a small bug. Luckily, Apple notices these things and a future update ought to fix the problem. However, if you cannot wait for the update, here’s what to do.

Disable & Enable Screen Rotation

  • Open Control Center.
  • Tap the screen rotation icon to disable it (next to do not disturb mode).
  • Then, tap once more to enable screen rotation.

Put Your iPhone To Sleep

Restart Your iPhone

iPhone X

  • Press and hold down the Side button and either one of the Volume buttons.
  • Release them when “Slide to power off” appears on your iPhone X.
  • Slide the toggle to turn off your iPhone X.
  • Once it shuts down completely, press and hold the side button to power it back on.

iPad & Older iPhones

  • Firstly, press and hold the top or side button on your iOS device.
  • Then, when “Slide to power off appears, slide the toggle to turn off your iPhone/iPad.
  • Lastly, press and hold the button once more to power on your iOs device.

Likewise, you may go to Settings > General and then tap Shut Down to turn off your iPhone 7. However, this only works on iOS 11 and above. You may also try a hard reset (does not erase any data).

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Please note that the above does not erase any of the data saved on your iPhone. Still no luck? Then, you may want to do a DFU Reset. However, please note that this restores the factory default settings and erases your data. You may, also, wait for the next iOS update. Or, take the device to an Apple Support Center.

That’s about it for Ways To Fix iPhone Screen Stuck In Rotation – iOS 11. For more useful tutorials, check out our iOS guides & articles.


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