Best Karaoke Apps For Your iPhone

For those of us that like to sing and record ourselves, these iPhone Karaoke apps are sure to help you take your singing skills to the next level. Sing along to your favorite song or learn new music. Best of all, you no longer need to search for or download songs on the internet. Here are the best karaoke apps for iOS.

Yokee: Sing like a Star!

With Yokee, you can easily search for your favorite Karaoke track from their database. Once you find it, you can play the song directly in the Yokee app and use the built-in recorder to track your progress. There is a community of users on Yokee and you can see what other musicians are singing and sharing on the network. You can also track your friends or follow your favorite Karaoke stars.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Smule offers, possibly, the best karaoke app on the iTunes store. It certainly is the most popular. Sing! Karaoke is jam-packed with features and it has the most up to date database of music. You can also collaborate with other users to do duets of your favorite songs. You may even get a chance to sing along with your favorite celebrity.

KJ Touch R

KJ Touch R is a free karaoke app with which you can create a list of your favorite tunes and save it to learn them later. They have a database of thousands of songs from which to choose.

The Voice: On Stage by StarMaker

The Voice is a popular television show that gives aspiring artists the chance to showcase their talent. Sing and record your music and add special voice effects to refine your recordings. You can also share recordings on social media. Find it on iTunes.

SingSnap Karaoke

This singing app claims to have the largest inventory of karaoke tunes. All of which are free for you to use. It has audio enhancements, built-in video recorder, audio recorder, and, like the Smule app, you can sing along with friends or strangers.

SongPop 2

More of a competition app, this Karaoke app lets you compete against your friends. However, you can also sing along with other people if you so desire. SongPop 2 offers a wide variety of songs from classic rock, rap, hip-hop, to Indie tracks.


Voloco is a karaoke app that doubles as a voice-processing app. It’s special, in that it can shift pitch and rhythm to help you find that sweet spot in your singing voice. The app features five preset effects that help you sound your best. Also, while singing or humming along to a song, Voloco tries to match the notes of the song with the pitch of your voice.


SingTrue not only allows you to sing and record Karaoke tunes, it also offers free vocal exercises to help fine-tune and develop your voice. There are over thirty exercises from which you can choose to practice daily. Once you’re ready, you can use what you’ve learned in practice to rock out in the Karaoke section of the app.

StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-tune

Most karaoke apps for iPhone don’t offer many options when it comes to popular songs. However, like the other applications on the list, StarMaker features hits from artists like Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and more. With each Karaoke song you record, you get to unlock more tunes within the app.

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