Self Control Apps For iPhone

These iPhone apps block social media, set schedules, reminders and more to help you procrastinate less and get more work done. So, if you can’t seem to put away your iPhone for a few seconds, let alone minutes, these applications will help you stay focused!

Forest: Stay Focused

Our first recommended self-control iPhone app is ForestForest provides an interesting solution to beat your iPhone addiction. Plant a seed in Forest. While your iPhone is blocked, this seed gradually grows into a tree. However, if you give up and leave the app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree withers away. You’ve lost all progress and failed the test of time.

However, if you manage to resist temptation and the time passes, you earn coins as a reward. Use coins to buy new stuff on the app store like new trees. Moreover, you can opt to listen to soothing sounds like a rainforest. You can unlock more sounds using coins. Best of all, witness your tree in all its splendor once it fully grows. Visit their website ( to get the app.

Be Focused

Another app like Forest is Be Focused. A free app that allows you to create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or a custom period. The app works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Find the app on their website (


Freedom blocks access to your iPhone’s network connectivity completely for up to 8 hours. Even if you unblock or unlock your phone, you won’t gain access. You must wait until the specified productivity period ends. Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on all your devices. You can get it for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows at

Focus Keeper

Lastly, there’s Focus Keeper. It lets you customize focus sessions, goals, colors and sounds. You have the option to tweak the length of each type of work or break session. It also includes long sessions & breaks. By default, you are timed in 25-minute chunks, with a 5-minute break in between each burst of activity. It’s not as aggressive as other apps on the list but it gets the job done as an effective Pomodoro.

Staying focused has never been easier on iOS. With these apps, increase your productivity. Also, for Android users, check out these self-control apps for Android.

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