What Song Is This? 10 Music Recognition Apps To Find Out

Are you always using Google to find out “what song is this?” However, without the lyrics or melody, you end up searching forever? Ugh! What is this song? How do I identify this song? Yes, I’ve been there before. But, thanks to modern technology,  I can use a song detector to find out the name of the song. So, without much more to say, here are the best music detectors.

What Song Is This? Virtual Assistants With Song Detectors

There are two methods that we want to outline. The first, and perhaps most convenient, involves using your smartphone. Most smartphones have virtual assistants like Bixby, Google Now or Cortana.

Google Now

Google Now is popular with Android users. Most Galaxy devices come preinstalled with the virtual assistant. To identify a song with Google Now, only ask. “What song is this,“ “What is this song,“ or “Name this song.” It is that simple. Of course, you must launch the Google Now app and say the command “Ok Google” followed by your question. After this, Google listens for a while before bringing up results for the best match. That was easy right? I know! If you’re on iOS, try using Siri.


Similar to Google Now, Siri offers a similar option to identify songs and music. To recognize music with Siri, launch the virtual assistant, and ask “What song is playing right now?“, or “Name that song,“ or “Which song is this?”  Siri listens then returns the results of the closest match. Furthermore, tap on the result to view the song in Apple Music. However, you need to have a subscription to listen to it. Without the subscription, you have to either buy it or listen to a sample. Although, there are ways to get free music. You didn’t hear that from us though!

Video: How to Identify Any Song Playing + Integrate to Apple Music – Using SIRI


Wait, you have a Windows Phone? I am SHOCKED! Then again, I am typing from a computer running Windows 10. Cortana works just as well from Windows 10. Hey, Cortana! “What song is playing?” Cortana then identifies the song after listening for a short while. It may even bring up the YouTube video or lyrics.

Video: How to Identify Unknown Songs Using Cortana

Music Recognition Apps to Find a Song

What if you prefer to use an app? Then, the second method sees us using other smartphone applications that you can get in the various app stores for your device.


The most popular song detecting app, Shazam, works on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Did we mention that Siri works along with Shazam to identify songs? Yep, that’s how good Shazam is. Furthermore, Shazam remembers songs recognized. So, you can always view them later. Play them on YouTube or Spotify (and many other apps) right from the Shazam app.

Video: Shazam | Song Recognition | App Review


Second on the list of music detector is SoundHound! With SoundHound; you can hum the tune to try to find the song. Shazam doesn’t offer this option. Not yet anyway. Humming part of the song is a good way of identifying the song. Especially when you don’t remember the lyrics. SoundHound is available for free on Android, iOS, and Windows. So, give it a go if you want an alternative to Shazam.

Video: Shazam vs. Soundhound- Music Recognition Speed Test


MusiXmatch is a searchable lyrics catalog of more than 7 million songs in 38 languages. It is accessible on Windows and Mac through Spotify, the Windows Store, and Google Chrome, as well as on mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

Video: Musixmatch Features


No, you’re not a genius… Wait, are you? Well, that’s not the genius we’re on about. Genius is a song finder app that recognizes and identifies music playing around you. However, unlike Shazam, it does not save recognized songs. The Genius app is available for Android, or iOS devices. Check it out in the video below.

Video: Genius | App Review


Another music identifier you might want to try is TrackID. TrackID recognizes songs, displays the result, and also saves it in the “History.” Sort of like Shazam. Unfortunately, it is only available for Android – Alternatives.

Video: TrackID – Find Your Favorite Songs

Identify Songs

How about it? Do you like these methods for identifying songs? Did we miss one? Then, please leave up some feedback in the comment section below. We’d be glad to consider adding any suggestions you have to the list. Next time you ask Google “What song is this?” Remember, you could be doing so via Shazam, SoundHound, Google Now or even Siri! And, as usual, thanks for reading What Song Is This? Music Recognition Apps To Find Out here on ORDUH! Don’t forget to share the list with your friends.

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