Best Photo Vault Apps To Hide Pictures On iPhone

The iPhone’s stock photo app is eye-catching, to say the least. However, even with recent improvements, it still cannot hide pictures like a secret photo vault. In this article, we discuss what are the best apps that act as a private photo vault to password protect your images.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault touts itself as the premier app for password protecting your pictures. It keeps all the main functionality of the original photo app and adds extra features like:

  • The ability to create a separate album within the app
  • Manage and Share your private pics via sms or email
  • Import and export videos
  • A private web browser that allows you to download photos directly to the app
  • And, the most important feature, the ability to add a password or pattern lock

Keepsafe Calculator Vault

This photo vault disguises itself as a Calculator. You can protect your pic vault with a pin code. Notable features of this calculator photo vault include:

  • The ability to protect up to 500o photos and videos
  • Photo compression to save space
  • iCloud backup compatible
  • Ability to retrieve deleted Photos
  • Multilanguage support

Photo Safe Vault

Photo Safe Vault goes a step further and allows you to protect your contacts, notes, and passwords as well. All this in addition to securing the privacy of your photos. Other features include:

  • Import images from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • A private web browser with Pass ID for private browsing

My Photo Safe Pro

Our next app to hide pictures on your iPhone is My Photo Safe Pro. This private photo app encrypts your photos with not one but two passwords. It’s feature set includes:

  • Option to add multiple photos
  • Retain the quality of your pics
  • Convert your photos to PDF
  • Syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

Private Photo Album

Private Photo Album acts as both a photo vault and video locker app. In addition, it allows you to take photos directly from the app without having to use the stock iPhone camera application. This app also allows you to synchronize your photos with iCloud.

  • Rename Album
  • Set Album Cover
  • Supports taking photos and recording videos
  • Password lock protect
  • Fake password guest mode
  • Share photos

Lock Photos

Another app that allows you to hide photos on your iPhone is Lock Photos. A cool feature of this app is the ability to secretly snap photos. You can silently record or snap video or images respectively using the app.

  • Support Wi-Fi Sync
  • Includes Touch ID
  • Fake Password Feature
  • Free and unlimited storage
  • Instagram Downloader

Secret Photo Calculator Plus

This hidden photo vault is another photo vault calculator. Remember the one above? Secret Photo Calculator Plus also blends in with your applications by mimicking a calculator app. And, get this, it actually is a calculator. Features include:

  • The calculator functions work
  • Protect photos and videos
  • Protect Notes
  • Hide contacts from Address Book
  • Secret Bookmark Keeper
  • Private Web Browser

Secret Photo Album Vault

Secret Photo Album Vault lets you guard your photos using a pin, or with your fingerprint. Like other vault apps on the list, it also allows you to secretly snap photos by enabling “silent photo snaps”.

  • Media player with full-screen support
  • No real content is shown in the recent apps list
  • Slideshow support
  • Hide Pictures in Private Photo Album


KeepSafe lets you make custom albums which you can keep private with a pin code combination. It also features an integrated camera that allows you to take photos using the KeepSafe app.

  • Touch ID compatible
  •  Photo backup
  • Full-screen and slideshow viewing for photos and videos
  • Syncs images and videos in Keepsafe to all of your Keepsafe installations on any platform
  • Works on iPhone and iPad


Vault takes privacy protection to a whole new level. This handy photovault snaps a photo of anyone who tries to guess your password and access your hidden photos.

  • Touch ID Support
  • Intelligent folder management
  • Bulk Photo/Video Import

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