How To Find Song Names Without Knowing The Lyrics

I’m sure you once heard the lyrics of a song and thought, “what is the name of this song?”. You probably like the meaning or the beat. However, you cannot name the song and you cannot normally find a song without the name.

Let’s face it, we all think we know the lyrics to a song till we read the actual lyrics. I mean, did anyone really know what Cardi B was singing in Bodak Yellow? In this article, we teach you how to find out the name of the song without actually knowing the lyrics.

What’s The Name Of This Song?

Firstly, typing in song lyrics in search engines like Google or Bing could help. However, without the name of the artist and at least one verse, you may turn up empty in your quest to identify songs. For this reason, it’s best to use applications that identify music in real time. Here’s how to find the song name without knowing the lyrics.

Song Finder Apps For Smartphones

Everyone these days more than likely owns a smartphone. It can be an Android or an iPhone. There are several applications that find a song by name. Below are some of the most popular ones you can try:


What's The Name Of This Song?, name the song with Shazam

Name The Song With Shazam

Shazam is a mobile application that finds song names using your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android or even desktop computer/tablet. You may also use Shazam on an iPod Touch so long as you have an external microphone.

  • To use the service, go to your device’s app store and search for “Shazam”.
  • Download and install the Shazam app.
  • There is a free version and a paid version. However, the free version is all that you need.
  • To identify songs using Shazam, open the app, tap the Shazam button and hold your phone close to the source of the music.


What Is The Name Of This Song?, name that song with SoundHound

Name That Song With SoundHound

Likewise, you can use an app, SoundHound, on both iOS and Android. However, unlike Shazam where you can only find a song by playing the actual music, with SoundHound, you can sing or hum the tune.

  • To use the service, launch your device’s app store and search for “SoundHound”/
  • Download and install the SoundHound application.
  • Launch the app and hum or sing the tune to find the name of a song that’s been stuck in your head.
  • Also, you can use SoundHoud to identify pre-recorded music.

For more song finder applications, you can check out this list of Music Recognition Apps.

Name That Song Using Your Voice And Midomi

Midomi is a web interface that allows you to sing or hum a song and it then searches its database to identify the song. Furthermore, you can play a snippet of the song and Midomi can tell you what that song is by using that short snippet.

Best of all, Midomi not only returns one song, it displays a list of potential songs. Hence, you have options instead of the app just returning a “cannot identify” message like Shazam. The service is free to use and also offers apps for the most popular Android and iPhone smartphones.

Find Music Using A Human Online Service

If you’re really desperate, you can use an online service to find music. After all, while computer programs are good, there is room for error. Here are some services that let you ask a human to identify the song for you.


WatZatSong is an online, human-based music identifier website. Think of it like Quora but for music. The name is a play on words “What’s that song?”.  You can upload clips of songs or of yourself humming and hope that someone listens to the recording and names the song for you. The more information you provide, the easier it is for a user of WatZatSong to help you name the tune.

Name My Tune

With Name My Tune you can find out the name of any song by singing or humming part of the tune. Then, you add extra information about the genre or year of the song. You can make educated guesses here.

If you sing or hum a tune into your microphone we will capture it, allow others to try identify it, and email you the song name an artist.

find a song with name my tune

Find A Song With Name My Tune

How To Find A Song Using AudioTag

With AudioTag, you record a short clip to identify the music. It’s an online music recognition service that has good results. On the website, you may upload short clips or entire songs. It’s best to upload the most popular part of the song like the chorus.

AudioTag searches its database of music and returns the most likely match to your recording. So, the next time you hear a song you like, record parts of it and upload it to the AudioTag later to find out the song’s name.

How To Find A Song Name Using A Virtual Keyboard

Lastly, if you have a good ear and can reproduce the melody of the song on a keyboard, you can use a virtual keyboard to name the song. There are two good options, Musipedia and MelodyCatcher.


Musipedia allows you to search for a song by playing the melody on a virtual keyboard or by whistling the song using a microphone. Though, the database works best for finding classical music. However, unlike Shazam, where you need to have an exact recording, Musipedia identifies music that matches any part of your melody.


Likewise, you may use MelodyCatcher to perform a similar function. The website uses a JavaScript-based keyboard on which you can play the melody of a song using your mouse. Once you input the first few notes of a song, click search and MelodyCenter searches for and displays a list of matching songs. Have some fun with the below name that song challenge:

What Is The Name Of This Song Challenge

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