How To Undo In Notes On An iPhone

You spent a good 2 minutes writing a note in the Notes app on your iPhone. However, you realize, at the last minute, that you made a mistake. Making a mistake in iPhone notes is not uncommon. But what do you do? Is there a shake to undo feature or is there an undo button? In this article, we teach you quick and effective ways to undo iPhone notes.

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Undo typing or Undo paste?

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How To Undo iPhone Notes

Ok. We explain three main ways to correct a mistake when typing in the iPhone Notes app. The first one is, Shake To Undo. Then, we tell you about the undo button. And, finally, what about when you accidentally delete some of the text?

Shake To Undo

With the Notes app open, when you make a mistake, simply shake your iPhone (lightly) to undo what you previously typed or pasted. It’s that easy. By the way, the feature works with any of your applications that support the input of text. See the Shake to Undo feature in action in the below YouTube video:

Use The Undo Typing” button

This one is for us iPad users. Who wants to be caught shaking a big ol’ iPad? Luckily, Apple included a dedicated undo button on the iPad’s keyboard. Find the Undo key by tapping the 123 key to switch the keyboard to numeric mode. The undo key ought to appear as in the image below:

iPad undo button

The Undo Button on an iPad.

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What About When I Accidentally Delete Something I Typed?

The same principle applies. Are you on an iPhone? Then, simply shake to redo. Yes. Shake your iPhone to bring up the Redo option. However, for iPad users, you have to tap the 123 key and then on the #+= key to see the Redo button as seen below. Also, after the image, check out the YouTube video for a visual demonstration.

iPad redo button

iPad redo button.

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