Dr. Mundo Counters: How To Counter Pick Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is a tanky champion that normally plays top lane. He can also be seen in the jungle or bot lane as a “support”. In this article, we discuss Dr. Mundo counters and walk you through some tips to learn how to effectively counter Dr. Mundo.

Best Dr. Mundo Counters

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TPA Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Mundo, you can finally counter pick Dr. Mundo in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Mundo. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Dr. Mundo. After all, if you know how to play against Mundo, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Mundo in top lane, bot lane, or any lane.


Use your early game pressure to zone him from CS as much as possible. A well placed Apprehend before he has many defensive items can score you an early kill. Freeze the lane and zone him as, if he can’t start stacking health quickly, he gets shut down easily.


  • If Mundo is building armor max Olaf’s E as it will do true damage.
  • If Mundo throws a Cleaver to slow you. Throw your ax to return the favor.
  • The only concern that Olaf should have against a Mundo is Mundo’s cleavers. If Olaf can dodge the cleavers, then his ‘W’ life steal and true damage ‘E’ will be sufficient to take Mundo down. However, if Mundo tries to run, a well-placed ax will slow him down.


Mundo will build a lot of resistance and a lot of hp, making him a great target for Trundle’s ultimate. Your pillar also greatly disrupts him, as he has to walk around it. Use this to your advantage in fights.


Bio-Arcane Barrage is one of the most potent abilities in the game to use against Dr. Mundo as it causes Kog’Maw’s auto attacks to deal bonus magic damage based on a target’s maximum health.


Be aggressive during the early levels and try to deny him farm. Post 10 he wins. at level three you can duel him easily. Tag him with Shyvana’s E first though, of you will surely lose. Follow up with W to get close and Q first to double up on the E passive.

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Mr. Mundoverse

Tips For Playing Against Dr. Mundo

  • Be sure to take ignite when facing Dr. Mundo. Ignite significantly lowers Mundo’s health regeneration from his passive and ultimate.
  • If your team is not able to burst/damage Dr. Mundo when he activates on his ultimate, ignore him until his ultimate ends.
  • And, if Mundo plays jungle or roams, it is essential to dodge the first Cleaver to throw off his gank.
  • Also, if possible, try to slow him during chases and dodge his cleavers. If he lands more than 2 cleavers on you in a chase you won’t stand much of a chance against him.
  • Lastly, Liandry’s Torment and Blade of the Ruined King deal damage based on a target’s current and maximum health respectively, while Executioner’s Calling and Morellonomicon apply healing reductions. Work these items into your build to make yourself an effective Dr. Mundo counter.
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Corporate Dr. Mundo

By using the champions who counter Dr. Mundo and the LoL Mundo counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Dr. Mundo players.

Question & Answer Section

Is Dr Mundo Ap Or Ad?

He is neither really. Dr. Mundo is a Tank (specifically HP). He one AD scaling ability. However, it is not worth to build AD on him, except maybe Titanic Hydra. In the late game, with a good team, Dr. Mundo as a tank proves more useful to your team in team fights.

Riven vs Dr. Mundo

Have you ever wondered how to beat Riven with Dr. Mundo? Or, perhaps, you just want to know how this matchup can go. In this section, we explain if Riven is a good Dr. Mundo counter or not. So, how is Riven vs Dr. Mundo?

  • Dr. Mundo’s Q, his cleaver can be used to harass Riven significantly.
  • Hence, if you lane against a skilled Riven, use this to harass her.
  • Also, it is a good way to prevent her from farming your minions.
  • However, be wary of her stun. Zone her with Mundo’s W in order to win trades while poking with his Q.

For further reading on Riven, you can read about Riven counters. Also, check out the gameplay video below for a Riven vs Mundo matchup in top lane for more tips.

Darius vs Mundo

How about Darius vs Mundo in top lane? Darius is a somewhat popular top lane pick. Hence, you may run into him regularly. We talked about him briefly above. However, here’s a bit more information on this Mundo counter.

As Darius, you want to use your earlier game damage and pressure to zone Dr. Mundo and win trades. However, you must set him back early to prevent him from building his defensive items. Once you are able to deny his farm, he becomes an easy target for you as Darius.

Also, you can read about Darius counters if you have trouble laning against him. Finally, check out the gameplay video to see how to bully Mundo in lane with Darius.

Mundo vs Fiora

Although not mentioned above, Fiora is an effective Dr. Mundo counter. After her rework, Fiora’s passive and ultimate now capitalize on dealing % Max HP true damage. And, as Dr. Mundo thrives on health, a skilled Fiora can become his worst enemy in top lane. It’s best to poke her with his Q to deny her farm and harass her out of the lane. However, ultimately, Fiora can and will win the lane. You can also get more tips on Fiora counters before you watch the matchup video below to see how Mundo lanes against Fiora.

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Mundo vs Garen

This matchup is pretty even. However, you can swing it in Garen’s favor a bit. In a Mundo vs Garen matchup, avoid his Q poke. Then, use Garen’s Q if he gets in close. Save your Q-E-W combo for when Mundo gets in close with to farm creep. And, be sure to call in a gank when he overextends.

Dr. Mundo’s summoner more than likely rushes lots of armor and health, typical Garen counters. However, in this case, you should consider farming to earn gold. He can’t kill you as much as you can’t kill him. In the late game, with good farm, items, and playstyle, Garen is able to pick off other lanes.

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