Best Calendar Apps For Android

I like to be organized. I schedule appointments and set reminders in my Android calendar app. And, believe me, there are more than one such apps on the Google Play Store. Let me take you through some of the best calendar apps for Android.

Top Calendar Apps For Android

Google Calendar

It seems like Google does everything these days. Not only do they have the best web browser for Android. But, they also built the best calendar app for Android too.

Google Calendar syncs events and schedules between your Google Account and Android smartphone. Hence, if you add Facebook events to your calendar online, it syncs to your smartphone.

You can switch between the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view in one tap. But, what I really love about the app is the ability to pull flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations and more info from your emails (Gmail only) and add them to your calendar automatically.

For those of us that like working out, you can schedule reminders with Google Calendar. And, you can also set up goals. So, if you want to run at least 3 times a week, Google Calendar schedules a time for them automatically.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal Calendar Agenda is one of the most customizable calendars for Android. You can color code your events and schedules. And, the app has a built-in location search.

Furthermore, you can view weather info displayed in the calendar: temperature, humidity, precipitation, pressure, cloud cover, wind, sunrise, and sunset. A feature that you would normally need a widget or a separate weather app to see.

  • 2 extra widgets: month widget and month calendar widget
  • Year view with heat map for spotting free and busy period
  • Unlock new customization options for the calendar widgets and agenda views
  • 7 extra widget themes
  • 42 theme colors 
  • Custom snooze option
  • No ads

aCalendar – Android Calendar

If you want a traditional calendar look and feel, then aCalendar is a good choice.

It shows public and school holidays for some countries. And, it’s ad free. Do you keep track of the moon’s phases? Then, this Android calendar does that for you.

Microsoft Outlook

More than just an e-mail app, Microsoft Outlook is also a calendar app. You can switch between your emails and calendar to schedule your meetings or share your availability with just a few taps.

Outlook for Android works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. It’s rated as one of the best Android calendar applications.

Cal Calendar Widget For Android

Cal is an easy to use calendar app for Android. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. And, like most other apps on the list, it features a calendar widget for your home screen.

What I like about Cal is that it offers real time syncing with both Google Calendar and Outlook. Moreover, if you already use To-Do-List, both apps sync.

Cal has no in-app purchases and is completely free to use. There are lots of other features that make this a great calendar app for your Android,

Business Calendar For Android

Business Calendar is another Android calendar that resembles a physical calendar. It has over 22 themes and you can make your own themes to customize the interface.

It syncs with Google Calendar and has a paid version. However, the free version is enough for most people. But, it does have ads.

Calendar Widget For Android

I love most of the calendar widgets for Android that come with most of these calendar apps. But, Calendar Widget is a dedicated app for just that.

It syncs with Google Calendar, has over 80 themes from which to choose, and it has a fast, modern and intuitive user interface with material design.

Jorte Calendar

Jorte Calendar looks more like an organizer than a calendar. However, it does have the features of your typical calendar app.

It’s touted as one of the best calendar apps by many sources. Although, I don’t really like the user interface.

It supports custom fonts and a side menu for quick access to events and tasks. It syncs with Google Calendar and it has a voice control option.

TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar

TimreTree is a shared calendar in the sense that you can create groups of family members, co-workers, etc. with whom you share schedules.

Each member of the calendar group can add changes and events. And, when this is done, each other member receives a notification alerting them of the change.

It has a widget for your home screen. It has it’s own built-in messenger for group members. And, it also has a memo feature.

Tiny Calendar – Android Calendar App

Tiny Calendar is a Google calendar app designed for Android users to sync Google calendars and events between platforms.

The one thing it has going for it is that you can use it with no Internet connection. That, and it’s not a Google product. For those who choose not to use Google services.

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