Forgot Android Lock Screen Password

Forgot your Android screen lock password? I once needed to know how to bypass my Galaxy S6 lock screen. Yes, it happens, I forgot my lock screen password, but it's not the end of the world. Here are several ways to access your Android device if you forget your pin or unlock pattern lock. How to bypass pin code on Android  and unlock lock screen password:

Android Screen Lock Bypass:

Reset Using Google Account

This method is only useful for a select few Android devices. To use it (if you're reading this you've probably locked out of your Android device already), you have to enter the wrong pattern or pin several times until you can select "Forgot Pattern."

Then, you will see the option to unlock your device using your Google Account Credentials. If, however, this option is not available for your device, the options below may help you unlock your Android smartphone as well.

Android Screen Lock Bypass App

This option is great for many reasons, but it is only available for devices running Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or lower. 

  • From a PC, visit the Google Play store.
  • Install the “Screen Lock Bypass Pro” app on the Android device.
  • Open the app from the notification area and use the app to unlock your screen.

You have to use a computer to install the app on your device because obviously, you don't have access to the play store seeing that you forgot the password for your device. Locked out of your device? This utility will bypass the lock screen and reset/remove your screen lock password, pattern lock or PIN. However, it requires the device to be online and registered to your Google account.

This technique has been confirmed to work for thousands of users already, but does not operate for every device type and configuration so your results may vary. Remember: This app will not work on Android 4.1 or above due to changes made on Android to prevent this technique. Please take the time to read the instructions carefully:

  • Unplug the charger from your device.
  • Login to the Web-based Android Market using your PC.
  • Using the Web Market, install this application to your registered device.
  • Once installed, plug your charger into the device to activate the bypass.
  • Once bypassed you see an "Activate" button. Click it, and your screen lock resets.


However, please note that some newer devices will not detect the charger plugged in, so I included a second option, turning the device off (or pulling out the battery) and back on again will cause it to activate the bypass.

Forgot Android Lock Screen Password

Forgot Android Lock Screen Password.

If the app does not work for you, it could be that your version of Android is not compatible with this technique or you have a custom lock screen which you cannot bypass. Unfortunately, there isn't anything the app can do to support those devices.

App 2: Reset Screen Lock Bypass App

This option may not work with all devices. However, it is a good alternative to the screen lock bypass pro app. Here's how to use this app to unlock your Android smartphone.

  • From a PC, visit the Google Play store. Install the “Reset Screen Lock” app on the Android device.
  • Open the app from the notification area and use the app to unlock your screen.

Use Samsung Unlock

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Android device and you have used a Samsung Account, you may be able to unlock your device from the Samsung Account page.

Forgot your Android lock screen pattern, PIN or password? Here’s what to do

I tested the following methods using a screen lock pattern, PIN, and password and was able to unlock my LG G2 with Android 4.4.2 successfully.

Open your Android device using Android Device Manager (ADM)

As already mentioned, the following method only applies to devices that have Android Device Manager enabled.

  • On a computer or other mobile phone, visit:
  • Sign in using your Google login details that you also used on your locked phone.
  • In the ADM interface, select the device you need to unlock (if it isn’t already selected).
  • Select ‘Lock.'
  • In the appearing window, enter a temporary password. You don’t have to get into a recovery message. Now click ‘Lock’ again.
  • If it was successful, you should see a confirmation below the box with the buttons Ring, Lock, and Erase.
  • On your phone, you should now see a password field in which you should enter the temporary password. This temporary password unlocks your phone.
  • Now, before you go on with your life, go to your phone’s lock screen settings and disable the temporary password.
  • That’s it!

Unlock your Android lock screen pattern with your Google Login (only Android 4.4 and below)

If you haven’t updated your firmware to Android Lollipop (5.0), then there’s a faster way to unlock a screen lock pattern.

  • Enter a wrong lock screen pattern five times (shouldn’t be hard if you don’t remember the correct one)
  • Select ‘Forgot Pattern.'
  • Now you should be able to enter a backup PIN or your Google account login.
  • Enter either your backup PIN or your Google login.
  • Your phone should now be unlocked.

Bypass Your Samsung Phone’s Lock Screen Using The Find My Mobile Tool

Find My Mobile is an easy way to unlock your Samsung device if you created a Samsung account and registered it beforehand. This is what I used to bypass my Galaxy S6 lock screen passcode.

  • Firstly, go to Samsung Find My Mobile.
  • Sign in using your Samsung login details.
  • Then, in the Find My Mobile account interface, you should see your registered phone on the left-hand side.
  • On the left sidebar, select ‘Unlock my screen.'
  • Then, select ‘Unlock’ and wait for a few seconds for the process to finish.
  • You should get a notification window telling you that your screen is unlocked.
  • That’s it. Your phone should be unlocked.

Disable your lock screen using custom recovery and “Pattern Password Disable” (SD card needed)

This method is for more advanced Android users that know what the terms “rooting” and “custom recovery” mean. As the title says, for this to work you need any custom recovery installed and your phone must have an SD card slot.

Why the SD card? Well, we need to transfer a ZIP file to your phone, and that’s usually not possible when it’s locked. The only way is to insert an SD card with the archive.

Unfortunately, card slots became kind of a rare thing in the smartphone world, so this will only work for some people.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Pattern Password Disable ZIP file on your computer and put it on an SD card.
  • Insert the SD card into your phone.
  • Reboot your phone into recovery.
  • Flash the ZIP file on your SD card.
  • Reboot.
  • Your phone should boot up without a locked screen. If there is a password or gesture lock screen, don’t panic! Just type in a random password or gesture, and your phone should unlock.

Factory Reset

If the above options don't work for you, unfortunately, you have to factory reset the device. Factory Reset resets data stored in memory.  This erasure of data includes data such as notes or saved game data. Almost any third-party app loses data unless the app writes data on your SD card.

Your personal data that is on the SD card, like photos and music should be safe and available to use. Factory Reset does not affect data that syncs with Google such as email, Contacts, and Calendar. You may re-sync this data once you have a usable device again.

Factory / Hard Reset From Device Manager

  • Firstly, ensure the device is turned on and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
  • From a PC, visit the Android Device Manager page.
  • Then, select your device, then choose “Erase."
  • Select “Erase” again.
  • Once the hard reset completes, setup your Android device again.

Hard Reset From Device Startup

Manufacturers provide a way to restore the phone before it boots into the Android OS. This step usually involves holding a button or combination of buttons while you are powering on the device. Almost every device has a different way to do it. For example, you may press and hold the volume down and power button on some devices.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t commonly provide instructions for the button method hard reset/factory reset in their manuals or on their websites. HTC is one of the few manufacturers that do provide this information in their user guides. If you have a device by a different manufacturer, you should be able to search this site or Google for instructions.

Video: Easy Ways To Unlock Android Passwords

Once you obtain the instructions and perform the factory reset, you'll be able to access your device without issue and without having to enter a screen lock password. A user informed me that the above video helped with their Alcatel phone password reset. However, I'm not sure that it works post lollipop.

These are all the ways to bypass pin code on Android and unlock lock screen password. Thanks for reading: how to Unlock an Android if I Forgot the Android Lock Screen Password. That's all the ways that I found to bypass Android lock screen lockouts.


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