Lenovo Vibe UI Themes

Here are all the Lenovo Vibe UI themes that you are looking for! These themes work for most smartphones, Lenovo Smartphones that is… The good thing about these themes is that you do not need any extra applications or launchers to use them. There are tons of themes out there if you want to customize the Lenovo Vibe UI and give it a more attractive look. By default, there are two themes pre-installed, the Mirage and the Pulse theme.

Not to worry, while Lenovo does not have a centralized website where you can get these themes,you can now download any Lenovo Vibe UI theme via the links below. The themes are .apk files and only work on Android devices. The best part is, you do not need root! There are a total of 40 Lenovo VIBE UI Themes available for download, you can chose to download each apk file and install or you can download all of them at once.

How To Install Lenovo VIBE UI Themes

100+ Beautifully Designed Lenovo Vibe UI Themes For Free Download And Install.
Lenovo Vibe UI Interface

Before you download the themes, here is a short guide teaching you how to install them on your device.

  • First, access settings > Security > check unknown sources
  • Copy the downloaded theme to your SD Card or in-built Storage
  • Find the file via your device’s file manager
  • Click the desired theme to start the installation
  • When installation is finished, you can click open to apply the theme
  • Or open and apply the theme from the Theme menu


  • First download any of the themes
  • Go to theme center—-more options—-import theme data

Download Lenovo Vibe UI Themes

Without further delay here are the theme downloads we’ve been talking about all this time. All themes are in a MediaFire folder so that you can download each file individually (only the ones you want). The total size 381 MB. Below is the list of all the themes included:

List Of Lenovo Vibe UI Themes

Here is the complete list of Vibe UI Themes: You can click each individual link to download that specific theme:

Themes For Lenovo A7000

The following Lenovo Themes will only work on the Lenovo A7000. Download and save the theme to your smartphone’s internal storage. To install the following Vibe UI themes, go to Theme Center, click ••• button in the right top corner and select import theme. Once the theme is imported, choose the theme and select apply.

Lenovo Vibe P1/P2/P1m/P70/P90 Themes


Please note that these themes only work on Lenovo devices using the Vibe UI interface. Hence, they do not work on the Lenovo Z2 Plus, Lenovo K8 Note, and other Lenovo smartphones that use the stock Android interface.

As more themes become available we’ll be sure to update the post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Lenovo Vibe UI Themes.


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