Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar

Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar in 8 easy steps. This guide is designed to show you how to integrate your Facebook Events with your Google Calendar app so that you never miss an appointment, so long as you have access to your Google powered device or account.

By combining your Facebook events and your Google Calendar you allow yourself to have a backup of all your appointments that would otherwise only be accessible via Facebook. You can then further export the events from the Google Calendar app to another 3rd party calendar app if you so desire.

In order to add a Facebook event to your Google calendar, follow the steps below:

Follow the steps below to accomplish the sync (redundant, I know...). Please follow the instructions as they are and do use the comments section to let us know if you need any help.

  • 1.Login to your Facebook account, then open the upcoming events page
  • 2.Select any event link to bring up the event page.
  • 3.Select the menu with three dots , then “Export Event“.
  • 4.A link will be available under where it says “Subscribe to all upcoming events on your calendar“.
  • 5.Copy this link.
  • 6.Login to your Google account, and open Google Calendar
  • 7.Select the icon with an arrow next to “Other calendars“, then choose “Add by URL
  • 8.Insert the link from step 5 in the “URL” field, then select “Add Calendar

If you're interested in keeping your appointments with you on the go then you can download both the Google Calendar App (Android & iOS) and Facebook App (Android and iOS) from the app stores.

That's all there is to it.  You have successfully learned how to add Facebook Events to a Google Calendar. If you found the guide helpful then please share the information with your friends so that they too can have an idea of how to backup or export their Facebook Events calendar of activities. You might also want to learn how to save all your photos  on Facebook to your computer.