Cool Clock Widgets For Android Home Screen

I like a fancy time widget on my Android. It makes my phone’s home screen unique. In this article, I tell you about some of the coolest clock widgets for Android.

Best Clock Widgets For Android

Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets features five beautiful widgets of different sizes. What I like about this widget is that it also includes a weather widget.

You can set the time in 12/hr or 24/hr format. Or, the weather in Celsius or Fahrenheit. And, you can view a 3/4-day weather forecast.

The widget itself feels like a full-blown Android launcher. That’s because it allows you to customize all the aspects of the widget on the home screen.

Minimalistic Text

My favorite clock widget is Minimalistic Text. I just love a clutter free and intuitive interface. And, this is one of the few clocks for Android that delivers.

You can show the date, time, weather, and battery life within the widget. Moreover, Minimalistic Text supports 23 other languages. I like this because Spanish is my language of choice on Android so this is good.

You can use custom fonts and change the layout of the widget. It’s a two in one clock and date widget.

Pretty Binary Clock Widget

This is one of the very few digital clock widgets for Android on the Google Play Store that displays time in binary.

It looks “pretty” on your home screen and supports Pure Binary and BCD. Furthermore, you can customize the colors and sizes of the home screen widget.

Digital Clock Widget Xperia

If for some reason, you like the look and feel of the Sony Xperia, this digital clock widget is perfect for your Android

You can choose between small (2×1), big (4×2), wide (4×1) and tall (2×2) resizable digital clock widgets with 18 possible fonts and several color combinations.

Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper

Ok. Enough with the digital clocks. Here is a nifty analog home screen clock that also supports live wallpapers and is battery saving.

However, the analog clock only appears when your screen is on. And, most features are in the paid version of the app.

Pixel Art Clock

Pixel Art Clock is a date and time widget for your Android home screen and a cool watch face for your Android Wear. It has lots of different combinations for customization.

DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget is another free clock widget app but with support for displaying notifications.

You can view missed calls, unread text messages, new appointments, Gmail notifications plus an alarm.

It’s cool for me because when I’m playing my favorite WiFi free games on my Android I still get some sort of alert.


This simple Android clock widget works on the on the lock screen as well. Some of the things you can add to your lock screen include:

  • Clock and Alarm
  • Time Panel
  • Calendar Events
  • General Appearance

Digital Clock Widget

Digital clock widget is a home screen digital time and date widget for Android. It looks just like the one on the iPhone unlock screen.

You can tap the widget to bring up the alarm/calendar/widget settings page. There are no more iPhone like features though. For that, you need one of these iPhone Launchers For Android & iOS.

DIGI Clock Widget

Digi Clock Widget is free and has five different clock widgets from which you can choose to use to decorate your Android’s home screen.

What I like about this clock widget is that you can preview changes before you set them to the home screen. You can choose the colors for time and date.

And, to take personalization even further, you can use your own image as the widget’s background wallpaper.

One More Clock Widget 

Here’s One More Clock Widget. That’s actually the name. It’s a free clock widget that claims to have no ads.

There are also over 70+ dynamic clock widgets from which to choose for your home screen. It displays the battery info, time and weather.

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