Self Control Apps For Android

Staying focused these days can be difficult. These Android apps block social media, set timers, reminders and more to help you stay on target. Do you always check your phone? Even when there are no notifications? Then, you’re in the right place. These applications help you stay focused!

Forest: Stay Focused

Arguably the best stay focused app Android has to offer is Forest: Stay Focused. It’s a free app that deactivates your phone for a maximum of two hours. To help you get through the hours, a tree or plant you select grows the longer you stay away from your smartphone. Visit their website ( to get the app.

As an added bonus, the more time you spend away from your phone, the more coins you earn. You use coins to buy new stuff on the app store like new trees. Furthermore, you can opt to listen to soothing sounds like a rainforest. You can unlock more sounds using coins.

You can view progress reports and the overall development of your forest via the settings. There’s also a graph that shows the time spent away from your smartphone. All in all, it is a useful app for staying focused. The only problem we noticed is that it has the option to give up.

AppBlock – Stay Focused

While Forest may be the best, there are other apps like Forest that you can try. Another such self-control app is AppBlock. There’s a free and paid version. What you do is create profiles that include the apps you want to block. Once a profile is set up, a timer set, you cannot use apps in the profile until the time elapses. In the pro version, you get unlimited times in profiles, unlimited apps, no ads, unlimited notification list, and unlimited profiles. You can use it to block social media networks while at work.

 Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey blocks access to your phone completely. Even if you unblock or unlock your phone, you won’t gain access. Instead, you see a cold turkey… it displays the amount of time remaining before you can use your phone. Open the app, set the slider to the time you want to block your phone, and tap on the lock button. That’s it! However, we don’t suggest this stay focused app if you have frequent emergencies. You can get it for Android, Mac, and Windows at

Block Apps

Lastly, there is Block Apps. With Block Apps, be more productive and get stuff done. You can create multiple schedules that block different apps at different times. Or you can manually start the blocking period at any time via the menu. Staying focused has never been easier on Android. With these apps, increase your chances of getting things done. Also, for iOS users, check out these self-control apps for iPhone.

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