How To Tell Where A Picture Was Taken

Ever seen a beautiful photograph and wondered, “Where is this picture taken?” Perhaps it’s a place that you would like to visit or learn more about. Luckily, with modern technology, you can easily tell where a picture was taken using Google Images. In this article, we explain how to search location by photo.

How To Find Place By Photo

Find Place By Photo, How To Tell Where A Picture Was Taken

Photographer: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For our test, we will find this picture (above) using Google Image Search. Can you guess the picture location without doing a reverse image search? Let’s begin finding the location of the photograph. Use the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to
  • You can drag the above photograph into the search box.
  • Furthermore, you can right-click the photo and select “Search Google for image“.
  • Google then returns the possible location of the image and shows similar images in a page of search results.

Here are the results that our trusted picture locator returns for the above query.

where is this picture taken?, location information of picture

Search Results Using Google’s Image Location Service

Finding The Location Where A Photo Was Taken

Tell Where A Picture Was Taken Using EXIF GPS Information

Likewise, you can rely on the information embedded in the exchangeable image file (EXIF data) to determine the picture location. Though, it is not as reliable at finding the location as Google Images. For this, we can use a website like

  • Firstly, get the URL of the image for which you want to search.
  • Likewise, you can also upload the image to the website from your computer or smartphone.
  • Once you have done any of the above, solve the Captcha to search for your image location.
  • Lastly, hit, click, or tap on View Image Data.

For a visual guide, you can use the below YouTube video. In the video, you learn you how to find GPS and Google Maps location information from EXIF data in geotagged digital photos. However, you can only find this information for digital pictures taken with GPS enabled smartphones or digital cameras.

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