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Android smartphones and tablets are the in thing these days. Some of the most powerful and multifaceted smartphones run on the Android OS. However, with great power comes great responsibility. I know. That was corny. But, the truth is, many apps run in the background and slow down your Android’s performance. Heck, there are apps that install without your permission. Nonetheless, there are some good task managers and app killers to help you maintain the optimal performance on your smartphone in the event that the default Android built in task manager fails to do its job. Here are the best task manager apps for Android.


Greenify is great for managing tasks and killing apps that run in the background. In fact, we have an article explaining how you can use Greenify to extend the battery life of Android smartphones. It is truly one of the best Android utility and task manager apps to have. To summarize, Greenify hibernates apps that are not in use. And, when you want to use them, just open the app. By hibernating apps, Greenify helps boost performance and improve battery life. Find it on the Play Store.

ES Task Manager

If you love ES File Manager, then ES Task Manager is sure to impress. The interface is easy to navigate and it comes with all the necessary features to manage those misbehaving background apps. Moreover, it integrates fully with the file manager. So, you get two for the price of one and the price is free. The main features are: Save Battery, Free Memory, Kill Task, Uninstall App, Speed up the phone and View device info. Find it at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.estrongs.android.taskmanager for more information.

I know that Android N (Nougat) is the latest OS upgrade, however, if you upgraded to Lollipop and are still on that version of Android, then you can read How to Fix Battery Problems after Lollipop Update to help solve such problems like battery drain and overheating.

Balu Task Manager

This task manager by Balu kills tasks and has extra features like daily scheduling. The daily schedule lets you set a time to allow the app to clear out the processes and the cache. By the way, many apps share the name Task Manager, so we append the developer name before the words to differentiate. Find it on the Google Play Store.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager

GO Cleaner and Task Manager has a decent interface and, not only does it help kill background apps, it also allows you to clear cache files, delete unneeded folders, clear browsing data etc. Best of all, the task manager is free. And, yes, if you’re wondering, the developers of GO Launcher are the developers of this app killer. Get it at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.taskmanagerex

Default Android Task Killer

From Android 4.0, users had the option to use the built-in Android task manager. Most of us know it as Recent Apps. And, with advancements up to Android 7 Nougat, there are smartphones like the Galaxy S7, with a doze mode feature. So, getting a task manager may prove useless in som cases.  However, it all depends on thee version of Android your device uses.

Zapper Task Killer & Manager

Zapper Task Killer & Manager stops tasks and processes that cause slowness on your Android smartphone. The user interface is easy to use and there are visualizations of memory usage and CPU usage. Furthermore, you can stop specific apps by clicking on them and zapping them, or you can kill all apps with just one tap. Moreover, zapReal time charts show you your phone’s resources and how different apps and processes use the resources. Get Zapper here.

Watchdog Task Manager

Watchdog Task Manager provides a full monitoring system for your Android smartphone or tablet. Not only does Watchdog kill apps and processes with one tap, it also monitors apps and processes running in the background. Additionally, should one of the apps start to hog system resources, Watchdog notifies you of the resource hogging app. You can then choose to disable the app. Download it on Google Play (paid) or here (free).

Clean Master

Clean Master is another app manager for Android that may interest you. However, this particular app tends to be bloated with unnecessary features and ads. For example, Clean Master provides basic task killing and mobile optimization functionality. However, it also has an app lock feature that lets you lock your personal apps with a password. And, there is an antivirus feature to protect your Android device from viruses. Moreover, another feature, the duplicate photo remover allows you to find and remove duplicate photos on your Android phone. There is also a game booster feature that claims to boost game performance by up to 30%. So, if all these features interest you, you can get this app for free on the Play Store. Beware that it may do more harm than good in terms of battery life.

Did your favorite task manager make it on the list? Share your thoughts about these apps and any suggestions you have in the comments section below. Be sure to share the list with your friends. Also, check out our other lists like https://www.orduh.com/apps-like-tinder-tinder-type-apps-alternatives/ and https://www.orduh.com/android-music-players-best-music-players-for-android/. Thanks for reading App Killers For Android | Best Task Manager For Android Smartphones on ORDUH!

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