Android Randomly Restarting? Here’s The Fix

A while ago, we wrote, “what to do if my LG G4 keeps restarting or freezing?” However, there’s need for a catch-all article, Why does my Android randomly restart itself?” Why? Because lots of readers emailed with things like, “Samsung phone keeps restarting, what do I do?” Or, “How to fix Android auto restart problem?” This article covers the various steps to troubleshoot and fix an Android that restarts again and again in an infinite loop.


Believe it or not, the first sign of random restarts occurs after an app install or due to an application update. Hence, before you panic, try to uninstall apps that you do not use. Recently, my sister’s Galaxy S5 started restarting after receiving a text message. To fix it, I switched the messaging app.

Furthermore, apps running in the background can cause your Android to randomly restart. If you think that a background app is the suspected cause, try the following:

  • Uninstall apps you don’t need. Especially any apps that control sound, ringtones, wallpaper, have widgets or use GPS. Read, Unwanted Apps Installing Without Permission – How To Stop Unwanted Apps On Android.
  • Ensure all apps are up to date. You can update all apps downloaded from the Play Store by going to “Menu” > “Settings” > “My Apps.”
  • Uninstall/Disable apps that run in the background. After a restart, go to “Settings” > “More…” > “Applications” > “Running.” If you cannot uninstall the app, freeze the app or disable it.

Disabled System Apps

Yes. I know. I just told you to disable unused apps. However, disabling certain applications like system apps may lead to a random reboot loop. Some apps are essential for the Android OS to function.

  • Go to “Settings
  • Applications.
  • Check the list of apps that are “Turned Off” or “Disabled.
  • Enable any apps that may be needed for your device to function.


Android devices have a built-in automatic shutdown switch in the event that they overheat. When you have too many features and apps running, you can overwhelm your device’s hardware. Hence, the Android device automatically shuts off to cool down.


Not a problem with devices that have non-removable batteries. However, for Android smartphones with removable batteries, try to re-seat the battery. A loose battery could be the cause of an unexpected restart. So, if you own a Galaxy S5 or similar device, check the battery. You do not necessarily need a new battery. You can:

  • Buy mounting tape, then attach a small piece to an area of the rear cover so that it holds the battery into place better.
  • Turn the device off, remove the rear case and take out the battery. Re-insert the battery. Also, you could buy a new (back cover) case for your smartphone if the old one is not holding the battery in place.

System Software

If your Android is rebooting itself, then it could also be because of corrupted system software. This scenario is especially true if you are using a Custom Android ROM. The only options here are to factory reset your device or use a different ROM. A factory reset erases all data from your device. On most Android devices, you can perform a factory reset by going to:

  • Settings
  • Backup & reset
  • Reset device.”


A stuck button or one that malfunctions may cause your Android to enter a boot loop. Check that your phone case is not applying too much pressure to the on/off buttons. Also, make sure that water or debris is not the cause of the malfunctioning power button.

Lastly, if your Android is low on battery power and restarts when plugged in, it means that it is not getting enough power. Be sure that you use the correct power adapter and cable and plug the Android into a wall outlet, not a computer or other device with USB ports.

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