Cool Go Launcher Themes For Android

As many of you know, Nova Launcher is now the best launcher for Android. But, before Nova, there was Go Launcher EX. And, part of what made Go Launcher great were the Go Launcher Themes.

Unfortunately, what made Go Launcher a turn off, was the tendency to drain your Android battery. Luckily, the developers saw to it and fixed this issue. Hence, we decided to list the best Go Launcher Themes For Android. Free. Beautiful. And, all on the Google Play Store.

Best Go Launcher Themes For Android


Eternally, kicks off the list of free go themes for Android phones. It features flat icons, eye-catching wallpapers, and icons.

It has an overall minimalist and smooth interface. The app icons are colorful and there’s an easy to use app/folder interface.


For a much more simple design, Miracle is one of the free GO themes that deliver.

Like most Go Launcher Themes, you not only get a change in design, you also get extra widgets, a revamped app drawer, and several wallpapers from which to you choose to decorate your home screen.


Glass is makes your icons look like the iOS icons. However, most of the icons changed are system icons.

This Go Launcher Theme is colorful but it’s not really pretty. Why? Because most of the icons won’t match the overall theme.

But, as mentioned, if you just want those iPhone-like icons and some decent wallpapers, then it is still worth trying.

You can also go a step further and install an alternative launcher or an iPhone launcher for your Android.


This Go Launcher Theme focuses on rounded icons. They are rather colorful and simplistic. It goes great with the Go Keyboard/Go SMS Theme.

Gentleman GOLauncher Theme

Another free theme for Go Launcher that has an overall beautiful and eye-pleasing interface is Gentleman.

However, I did’t like that they lacked icons for some of my apps. It makes the interface look a bit “ugly”. 

But, if you mostly have stock apps and popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube then you’d be good.

The nice contrast between the black and gold elements were enough for me to use the theme for a pretty long time.

Elegant GO Launcher Theme

Elegant reminds me of a nice dinner date in a fancy restaurant. The design and look are that beautiful.

It does remind me of Gentleman because it has the nice gold/black contrast. However, it stands out on its own because you can change the colors to suit your preferences.

Blackboard Theme For Go Launcher

It’s simple, cute, and totally free. For those of us that grew up in schools with a blackboard, this theme brings it to your Android.

Blackboard is a simple black and white theme that replaces stock icons with custom chalk drawn icons.


The name alone tells you that this is an eye-popping Go Launcher theme. With beautiful colors and icons, Vividness is one of the best themes for Go Launcher EX.


Dark is sleek with a clear bright contrast. However, it does lack a lot of widgets (if you use those).

But, if you just want a nice theme with lots of icons that’s easy on the eyes, Black is sure to satisfy.

One thing that got me was the number of ads I saw after I installed the theme. No one likes too many adverts.


One of the few free Go themes with a glossy look is Obsidian. The theme has icons for many apps. Even apps that I didn’t expect it to cover such as the Showtime Anytime app.


Whether you use Go Launcher EX or Go Launcher Z, these free themes are a good start to customizing your Android. I hope you found a nice Go Launcher Theme.

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