How To Charge Apple Watch

Apple Watches are useful devices. I like the heart rate monitor, the notifications (from iPhone), and the activity tracker. However, I sometimes forget to keep track of my Apple Watch’s battery life. If you’re the same, here’s how to charge Apple Watch and keep track of the battery percentage.

How To charge Apple Watch

  • Plug in the Apple Watch charger to an outlet or computer.
  • With your Apple Watch facing up, place it down on the concave side of the charging puck.

That’s it! But, how do I know if my Apple Watch is charging? When your Apple Watch is charging a green lightning bolt animation appears briefly and then the docked watch face appears.

To check the charge percentage, you can tap the green lighting bolt (which should now be in the top left corner) to bring up the percentage.

How To Check Battery Life On Apple Watch

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch.
  • The battery percentage ought to appear.
  • You can tap it to get the option to enter Power Reserve mode.

That’s all there is to charging on your Apple Watch. For more helpful articles on Apple devices, check out our how-to guide as well as the following articles:

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