How To Start Activity Competition On Apple Watch Series 4

Have you ever wanted to challenge a friend to a race? Well, how about you take it further with the Activity Competition feature on your Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple Watch Series 4 - How To Start Activity Competition W/ Video
Apple Watch Series 4 – How To Start Activity Competition

The Activity Competition is a 7-day head to head face off between you and anyone else who owns an Apple smartwatch. Here’s how it works!

Apple Watch Series 4 – Activity Completion Challenge

  • Firstly, tap the colorful eye-looking icon on your Apple Watch to launch the Activity app.
  • Then, swipe left to choose a friend.
  • After you choose a friend, scroll down and tap “Compete

You can also send your friend a message from the menu. That’s all there is to it. Check out the short YouTube video below for more information.

Also, you can read how to start a workout, make a call, or track your heart rate on your Apple Watch 4 Series. Stay tuned for more useful guides.

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