How To Counter Jinx

How To Counter Jinx: Jinx is normally played as an ADC champion in bot lane. In this article, you learn tips and tricks on how to play some of the best Jinx counters while playing bot lane as a Support or ADC champion. With the general tips, you can come up with a strategy to beat her with any champion.

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How Jinx Works

How To Counter Jinx ADC

In the list of recommended ADC Jinx counters, you notice that these are champions that can poke/harass and trade with Jinx in a one and one effectively. 

Support Champions That Counter Jinx 

For supports, you can see that they have some sort of stun, root, or displacement ability. Or, in the case of Sona, she also has good poking abilities and a buff that speeds up her ADC. 

This is important to prevent Jinx from stacking her Q speed buff or allowing your ADC time to poke and retreat. Crowd Control abilities are good against Jinx as she has little means of escape outside of Flash or if you get caught in one of her traps.

These abilities also interrupt her ultimate which has a short animation before it launches. If you are in range, you can displace/use a knock-up to stop her from casting her R.

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Slayer Jinx


  • Ezreal does well vs Jinx if you have a support who can hard engage like Leona. Jinx is weak to Crowd Control as she has no escape abilities.
  • But, remember that Jinx has a longer auto attack range. Hence, save your Q for farming.
  • Use Ezreal’s E to dodge damage from Jinx’s W or R.
  • On that note, keep in mind that Ezreal’s E costs a lot of mana. So, you need to use it with care.


  • Draven out damages most ADCs including Jinx. Try to dodge Jinx’s Crowd Control (E, W) and then engage her while you have both axes.
  • If you’re worried about her poking ability and catching your Axes, remember that her poke stops after it hits its first target. Try to catch your axes behind minions whenever possible.
  • She has to channel her ultimate. Draven can use his E to displace and interrupt Jinx while she does this. But, you need to be in a range and have a quick reaction time to pull it off.
An image of Jinx in her Mafia skin attached to a tutorial on how to counter pick Jinx.
Mafia Jinx

Tips & Tricks For Playing Against Jinx

  • Jinx’s base auto attack range is low in minigun stance, which makes her easier to harass. Be sure to harass her earlier game to deny her farm.
  • Learning her W animation helps you predict when she’s about to use it. This ensures that you can dodge it accordingly.
  • Jinx’s rockets deal area of effect damage. Hence, hiding behind minions does not negate damage dealt by her rocket launcher.
  • Also, remember that her ultimate also deals area of effect damage. Avoid grouping to avoid getting sniped.
  • If you play support, to effectively counter build Jinx, buy items with armor and attack speed reduction. For example, Warden’s Mail or Frozen Heart. The attack speed reduction is good because her mini-gun gains increased attack speed the more she attacks.

More Fail-Proof Tips For Countering Jinx

  • Jinx’s Flame Chompers have a long cooldown. Once she uses them, play a bit more aggressively if possible. Also. once both Chompers and Flash are down,  it is easy to gank her. Call for a gank the next time she enters the lane.
  • Listen out for the “Oops!” sound she makes when she’s about to ult so you can dodge even when you can’t see her.
  • If you play an ADC with a range of 600 or more, try to stay close to your maximum range when fighting, as this forces her to use rockets and drastically cuts her damage per second (DPS).
  • Blade of The Ruined King active steals her passive movement speed bonus, allowing you to stay within range of her after her passive kicks in.
  • When near an enemy Jinx, be mindful of her passive (activates upon demolishing turrets, inhibitors, and champions), as the movement speed buff gives her significant opportunity to reposition and take you down.
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Firecracker Jinx

You now have an idea of how to counter Jinx. Use the tips and tricks above to come up with an effective strategy for playing against and defeating Jinx in any lane.

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