Taric Counters: How To Counter Pick Taric

Taric is a bot lane support champion that can cast his spells off of his allies. He can build tanky and he has a stun. In this article, we discuss how to effectively counter Taric.

Best Taric Counters

  • Sivir
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Varus
  • Corki
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Pool Party Taric

Taric Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Taric, you can finally counter pick Taric in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Taric. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Taric. After all, if you know how to play against Taric, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Taric in a lane.


Taric has no mobility or poke. Landing Nami’s Aqua Prison, followed by a quick Ebb and Flow should allow for some good easy trades.


Use Morgana’s shield on the target of his stun and cage his ADC. He’ll be pretty much useless in that scenario and you’ll be able to all in on his ADC.

After Taric uses his stun/shatter combo, use your R and he has to choose between disengaging and letting his ADC die, or will probably try to take you out and get stunned and killed in the process.


Sivir excels at laning against champions with slow or telegraphed abilities. As soon as you see Taric’s stun activate, or you see Taric getting into position for one, use your Spell Shield to completely negate the stun, and then punish him shortly after.

When Taric is out of mana, you win. Try to Q-stun him periodically and have your ADC poke. Taric’s heal consumes a lot of mana Also, if he continues to level it up, those points won’t go into his W/E, making it harder for him to stun and tank.


Leona’s combo with ult is much stronger than taric’s combo. Wait until Taric’s stun is down or he hits a minion. Flash-ult and then E-Q combo will burst him and his ADC down.

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Emerald Taric

Tips For Playing Against Taric

  • When his stun is down or if he accidentally stuns a minion, take advantage of the situation and attack him or his ADC.
  • Taric is able to provide a lot of armor for his team, making him weaker against Magic damage.
  • Taking cleanse or buying a Quicksilver Sash later will help you escape from his Flash + Stun initiates.
  • Avoid long trades against Taric and try to keep distance because his passive allows him to deal reasonable damage and use abilities more often.
  • Dazzle is arguably Taric’s most important basic spell. Without it, he will lack damage as he can’t get close enough to use Bravado and a source of initiation or peel as it is his only source of CC, thus forcing him to play defensively. There are a few ways to avoid or negate the stun:
    • Blocking the spell completely (Morgana’s Black ShieldSivir’s Spell ShieldNocturne’s Shroud of DarknessFiora’s RiposteMalzahar’s Void Shift, Olaf’s Ragnarok or Banshee’s Veil)
    • Cleansing the stun (Gangplank’s Remove ScurvyAlistar’s Unbreakable WillCleanseMikael’s CrucibleQuicksilver Sash or Mercurial Scimitar)
    • Dodging it, whether by using a movement spell or simply juking it.
  • Most Taric players max Dazzle in lane and you definitely want to dodge it as Taric loses a lot of lane pressure if he misses it.
    • As an ADC, playing carries with a dash like Vayne or Lucian can help dodge Dazzle.
  • High range champions like Caitlyn can kite Taric with ease.
  • As an almost purely melee champion, slowing Taric can cripple him almost as much as hard CC can.
  • Don’t underestimate Taric’s damage in the early game. Alongside his Dazzle, he has 100% attack speed and bonus damage from Bravado after using an ability; which technically means that all his abilities do damage, even if indirectly.
  • Due to Bastion Taric can also make his allies deceptively tanky through a huge boost in resistances. His healsshields,invulnerablilityitems and Summoner Spells should also be taken into account when deciding whether or not you or your team can kill Taric or his allies safely/easily.
  • Taric’s Cosmic Radiance does not make its targets immune to CC. Holding him or his allies down can waste the ability’s duration and waste its effectiveness.
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Bloodstone Taric

By using the champions who counter Taric and the LoL Taric counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Taric players.

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