How To Get Snuggles For All Achievement In Monster Hunter World

One of the Monster Hunter World rare pets is the Downy Cake. It’s a bird that rides on top of Aptonoth and Apceros and Grandfather Mantagrell. However, like the Petricanths (a living fossil) and Bristly Crake (a stiff bristly creature), it is extremely rare.

There are three places where the Downy Cake spawns. The Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Coral Highlands. You find the Grandfather Mantagrell in the Coral Highlands (harder to target).

How To Capture A Fluffy Snuggly Creature – Downy Cake

The easier way to catch this MHW pet is by starting an Expedition in the Ancient Forest via the Southwest Camp (1) and check the monsters.

If they you not see the Downy Cake atop the monsters, open your map and fast travel to the Wildspire Waste, and once again, start at the Southwest Camp (1) and check the monsters nearby.

Keep trying until the Downy Crake appears and capture it using your Capture Net, earning you the trophy Snuggles for All.

I recommend wearing the Ghillie Mantle or the Downy Cake will try to escape when you approach them. For what it’s worth, try using a pair of headphones and listen for the sounds of birds chirping.

If you do not see a bird or birds on top of the monsters but you hear chirping, look away for a bit and then look at the monsters again. Sometimes the birds spawn like that (they did for me).

Final Advice

If the Downy Cake is not there, then leave the expedition or, if on a quest, complete it and return to Astera and then go back to the Ancient Forest or Wildspire Waste to try your luck once more.

Earning trophies is like raising your MHW Hunter Rank, it takes time and patience. In the end, it’s a reward that you can savor.

MHW: Snuggles For All  – 3 Easy Steps To Catch Downy Cake

  • Head to Wildspire Waste or Ancient Forest to find the Aptonoth and Apceros.
  • Once the Downy Cake is there, cast your capture net to catch the bird.
  • Once you catch the pet, you get the trophy and can place it (the bird) in one of your rooms.

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