Monster Hunter World: Coral Highlands Grimalkyne Quest Guide

In this guide, you learn where to find the Trouper Grimalkyne tribe in the Coral Highlands area of Monster Hunter: World. The Coral Highlands Grimalkyne tribe requires a quest to obtain the reward which is more difficult than the Ancient Forest Grimalkyne and Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne quests.

Upon completing the quest you obtain the Coral Orchestra Palico gadget which you can then equip to your Palico. The Trouper Grimalkynes can also accompany you on expeditions and solo quests as well.

Monster Hunter: World Coral Highlands Grimalkyne Tribe

Coral Highlands is one of the areas you explore in Monster Hunter: World. And the Trouper Palico tribe is the local Grimalkyne tribe that you can encounter.

Coral Highlands – Troupers

Start the Trouper sub-quest like the other two. Find the Troupers in Area 10 riding Shamos. Attack and defeat them and they will run. As normal, follow them to their hideout where they will explain they were planning on hunting two Tzitzi-Ya-Kus that have been causing trouble.

Your Palico will offer to help and you’ll receive an Optional Quest to complete which involves defeating two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku’s. (You do not have to wait for a Lynian Researcher to be present in the area.)

Please be aware that to start the quest you must speak to the handler or start the quest from a Quest Board. You can find it in the Optional Quests section.


So, where to find the Coral Highlands Grimalkyne Tribe? To find the Palico Tribe, start an expedition and head to the Coral Highlands.

From here, search for the three Grimalkynes patrolling around area 11 of the Coral Highlands. They are easy to spot as they are riding on the backs of Shamos.

Attack and defeat the Shamos and then chase the Grimalkynes back to their hideout which as at the dead end of area 11.

When you get there, the leader asks that you help them hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. This is an optional quest which requires you to start it via the Handler or a Quest Board.

Grimalkyne In Coral Highlands Not There

If the Grimalkyne isn’t there in area 11. Try looking around area 10 or 5. As per different guides, the location seems ti change. However, on my PlayStation 4, I found them in area 11.

Video: Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Coral Highlands Location Walkthrough

How To Get MHW Coral Orchestra

As mentioned, you have to complete the Trouper Gimalkyne’s request and hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku’s. Once you do, return to the hideout and they hand you the Coral Orchestra gadget.

The Coral Orchestra is a useful Palico equipment in the form of a horn. It allows your Palico to buff you and other party members just like the weapon equivalent.

What Does Coral Orchestra Do?

  • Coral Orchestra – An instrument of Trouper make, able to yield a variety of effects. Its melodies boost attack, defense, or status resistances. Those effects increase with Proficiency. (In-Game Description)
    • Max Proficiency Reward – Coral cheerbongo.
  • Ability to befriend Shamos and make them tailraiders.
  • Melodies. Divine blessing, attack, defense, affinity, increased recovery of recoverable (red) damage etc.

How To Change Palico Equipment To Coral Orchestra

To change the item that your Palico currently has equipped, head back to the Tradeyard hub area in Astera, and into your personal room. Once inside, speak to your Palco, and choose to change the Palico’s currently equipped gear. Choose the unique gadget option and change it to the Coral Orchestra.

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