How To Capture Monster In Monster Hunter: World

So you want to know how do you capture a monster in Monster Hunter: World. In this tutorial, you learn how to trap different monsters and wildlife using tools like the capture net, trap tool, tranq bombs, etc.

Things To Know About Large Monsters Before Attempting Capture

Large monsters will be your main target on capture quests. However, you must weaken a monster first before you can trap it and then catch it.

Unfortunately, there is no health bar for monsters in MHW. However, there are telltale signs that let you know when is the best time to try to capture a monster in Monster Hunter World.

Most of these signs are seen right on the screen either by looking at the monster itself or the monster icon on the minimap.

Monster Limping

When you deal a considerable amount of damage to any monster in Monster Hunter: World, it will attempt to flee. If when the monster flees you notice that it is limping then you know that it is the perfect opportunity to trap it with your pitfall trap or shock trap.

Once you trap the monster within the shock trap or pitfall trap tool, you can then start using tranq bombs to knock the monster out hence capturing it.

Monster Sleeping

If the monster manages to escape to its lair and starts to sleep it will begin regenerating health. The best thing to do is set up traps right away and try to capture it as soon as it tries to go to sleep.

Or, you could proceed to deal a bit more damage to wake it up right away and prevent the monster from regenerating any health.

Blinking Skull

Another good indication that a monster can be captured is the blinking skull icon that appears on the monster’s minimap icon.

The skull tells you that the monster is near death and further damage may kill or slay the monster thus preventing you from being able to capture it.

When you see the blinking skull appear, it means that it is a good time to set up traps and prepare your tranq bombs or ammo to capture the monster.

Heart Rate

Another sign that you can capture a monster is by looking at its heart rate. Down in the bottom left of the screen, near the mini-map, is the heart rate of the monster.

In combat, the monster’s heart rate accelerates but as it gets tired, and is closer to death, it begins to lower and almost flatline.

Monsters don’t always limp, for example, it already reached its last location or has recovered, so you need to watch the heart rate. A heart rate that looks like it’s near to flatlining shows that you can try to capture the monster after using the various trap tools.

On another note, a monster can show all three of the above signs that it’s ready to be captured. However, at other times, it will only show one. It’s up to you, the player, to use all available information to accurately determine when it can be captured.

How To Capture A Monster In MHW (Large Monsters)

  • Damage the monster until it begins to limp, has a skull icon on the radar, or its heart rate flatlines.
  • Place a Shock Trap, Pitfall Trap, or Flashfly Cage traps below the monster or in its path.
  • When the monster gets caught in the trap, throw 2 Tranq Bombs at its face.
  • Granted the monster was ready to be caught, it will be successfully captured.

How To Capture Monsters In Monster Hunter World (Small Monsters)

In case you did not know, you can also capture local wildlife like small birds, lizards, ants, toads, bats, fish, etc. These are the Endemic animals. On the map, you can locate them by filtering to only show Endemic

You need to use the capture net to capture these small creatures. And, in the case of fishing, either the capture net or fishing rod & bait.

Capture Net

Some small creatures are easy to catch. However, others require you to sneak up on them. To do this, it is best to equip the Ghillie Mantle.

With the capture net equipped, aim at the small monster you want to catch. When the capture icon that appears on the screen changes from solid white to orange fire the capture net.

Sometimes you can fire the net at random and it will catch the creature even if it tries to escape. This works for fish as well. However, the sneak and catch approach is better.


Any small creature that you capture can become pets. These pets can only be placed in the various rooms that you get. To add a pet to your room, head to your room back in Astera, then chat to your Housekeeper to show a list of your pets, then choose your favorites and add it to the room.

Different rooms can house different pets. And, yes, the pets move around the room. For example, you can place fishes in the ponds and let birds loose that fly around.

You can check out our Monster Hunter World Pets List for a list of some of the creatures that you can capture.

Final Advice

Whether you’re catching a small monster or large monster, there’s a method that you can follow to get the job done. Some monsters like the small creatures that make up the endemic life can become pets that decorate your rooms.

On the other hand, capturing large monsters is a requirement for many quests and investigations. These monsters are more difficult to trap and capture as they fight back and can only be captured when weakened.

As your Hunter Rank increases, you gain access to more powerful monsters to capture. So, be sure to complete the story and level up.

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Additional Information

Below you can find a bit of information on how to use traps, how to make tranq bombs, and other important info on capturing monsters in Monster Hunter: World.

How To Use Traps

Using traps are easy. All you need to do is craft the required trap and add it to your list of items to walk with. Once you are ready to use the trap, place it on the ground in an area the monster is about to pass. Likewise, you can place the trap and lure the monster to the area.

How To Craft Tranq Bombs

To make tranq bombs to catch a monster, you must first make the item. To craft tranq bombs you need Sleep Herbs and Parashooms.

Once you have the ingredients, go to your crafting list (via an item box) and make the tranq bombs then equip them for your mission.

Can You Capture Kirin?

No. Unfortunately, monsters like the Kirin which fall into the list of Elder Dragons cannot be captured and therefore must be slain.

Capture Vs Kill

Pros to Carving/Killing

  1. More time to break parts before the monster dies.
  2. Easy to do – just wail on the monster until it dies.
  3. No coordination needed.
  4. Little to no pre-hunt preparation needed.

Cons of Carving/Killing

  1. Takes longer compared to capturing.

Pros of Capturing

  1. Can capture once the monster’s health is 30% or lower.
  2. Ends the quest quicker since you don’t have to kill it.
  3. Only need to wait 20 seconds to get back to Astera.
  4. More items in quest rewards compared to when you carve.

Cons of Capturing

  1. Needs items to do so!
    • Tranq bombs and traps need to be brought or crafted.

Should I Capture Or Kill A Monster

It depends. If you quest requires you to capture it then do so. If it requires you to hunt it then kill it. However, for capturing quest, I suggest breaking enough monster parts and then capturing it to maximize rewards (you can do this on your own expeditions as well).

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