Monster Hunter World: Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne Quest Guide

In this guide, you learn where to find the Protector Grimalkyne tribe in the Wildspire Waste area of Monster Hunter: World. The Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne tribe is a lot easier to find when compared to the Ancient Forest Grimalkyne.

Upon completing the quest you obtain the Shieldspire Palico gadget which you can then equip to your Palico. The Protector Grimalkynes can also accompany you on expeditions and solo quests as well.

Monster Hunter: World Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne Tribe

Wildspire Waste is the second area you explore in Monster Hunter: World. And the Protector Palico tribe is the local Grimalkyne tribe that you can encounter.

Wildspire Waste – Protectors

To start this quest you need to find doodles, just like with the Ancient Forest, find enough until you can track the Palico on your map. Follow your scoutflies to an area near (Camp 15).

There you’ll find a lone Protector worried about his friends after they got separated by a Barroth. His only request is that you to find them and capture them with your capture net.

Your Palico then marks the missing Protectors’ locations on the wildlife map. Go to each and attempt to capture them (Ghillie Mantle has no effect on them meaning they will still run if you approach with your Ghillie Mantle equipped).

They will be keeping a watchful eye on the area so approach when they aren’t looking and capture them. Once you catch all. Go back to the first Protector and he’ll befriend you.


So, where to find the Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne Tribe? To find the Palico Tribe, start an expedition and head to the Wildspire Waste. However, choose to start at the northeast camp (if already set up).

From here, it is really easy. Look for the supply box and right near it, there should be some vines to climb up to a ledge. Climb up and head to where the Brightmoss is located. There should be a small entrance to a cave. Head inside and you find the Protector Tribe hideout.

Start to look around for Doodles. When you find one and pick it up, go on the map and look at the bottom left and you should see a ??? tab along with any other monsters you can track in the area.

Choose the ??? tab and your scoutflies will start tracking more doodles until you have enough to track the Grimalkyne. Another trick is to open the wildlife map and set it to only display Traps/Environmental.

Look for the catlike symbols and set your tracker (scoutflies) to lead you to that location. To change what the wildlife map displays use R1 and L1 (for PlayStation 4, the console I use).

Monster Hunter World Wildspire Waste Grimalkyn Location

How To Catch Protector Palicos

Press the right analog stick in to have your Scout Flies lead you to a Protector Palico, and then equip your Capture Net on the quick item menu.

When you find a Protector Palico, you have to try to sneak up on it. Aim the Capture Net at the Palico, and once the reticle turns orange, press the trigger button to fire the Capture Net and capture the Palico.

You have to do catch 3 Protector Palico to complete the quest, after which you gain the MHW Shieldspire for your Palico as a reward. Once you catch the Palico, return to the Grimalkyne hideout to get the reward.

Grimalkyne In Wildspire Waste Not There

If the Grimalkyne isn’t there then you probably don’t have enough Doodles as yet. Keep searching and collecting and the Grimalkyne would appear at the location.

Video: Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Wildspire Waste Location Walkthrough

How To Get MHW Shieldspire

As mentioned, you have to complete the Protector Gimalkyne’s request and catch the three missing Protector Palico. Once you do, return to the hideout and they hand you the Shieldspire gadget.

The Shieldspire is a useful Palico equipment in the form of a huge shield. It allows your Palico to distract monsters which then allows you to heal, set up traps, sharpen your weapon, or land a few critical blows on the monster.

What Does Shieldspire Do?

  • Shieldspire – A massive Protector shield used to defend against attacks. It can also be used to provoke monsters, drawing their attention. Guard effectiveness increase with Proficiency. (In-Game Description)
    • Max Proficiency Reward – Shieldspire Bash ability.
  • Ability to befriend Kestodon and make them tailraiders.

How To Change Palico Equipment To Shieldspire

To change the item that your Palico currently has equipped, head back to the Tradeyard hub area in Astera, and into your personal room. Once inside, speak to your Palco, and choose to change the Palico’s currently equipped gear. Choose the unique gadget option and change it to the Shieldspire.

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