Monster Hunter World Palico Gadgets

Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are tools used by Palicoes to either buff a hunter or aid in defeating monsters. Palicoes can only equip 1 Gadget at a time, thus you must choose what the one that best suits the current Hunt. Below is a list of MHW Palico Gadgets and how to get them.

How Many Palico Gadgets Are There

As of writing, there are a total of 6 Palico Gadgets that you can obtain from the various Grimalkyne tribes throughout Monster Hunter: World. The six MHW Palico Gadgets are:

How To Get Palico Gadgets

  • Vigorwasp Spray: Sends a healing batch of vigorwasps to the player.
    • The default Palico gadget. Your Palico starts the game with this gadget equipped.
  • Flashfly Cage: Sends flashflies to enemies, temporarily stunning them.
    • Ancient Forest: Reach the upper branches of the giant tree in the center of the map. Either use the interior of the tree, or ride the flying creatures up. Up above, find the cat that runs away on the high branches and follow it. It will lead you to this gadget.
      • At the campsite, swing across the vines and climb the wall to reach the little cat’s hiding spot.

Read the Ancient Forest Grimalkyne Palico Gadget Tutorial for more information on how to get the Flashfly Cage from the Bugtrappers Tribe.

  • Shieldspire: Summons a heavy shield that protects your Palico and draws enemy’s attention.
    • Wildspire Wastes: Find the hole in the northeast corner of Area 8. Jump in and talk to the cats to begin their quest. Protectors will be marked on your map — go and find them all, then return to collect the gadget.

Read the Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne Palico Gadget Tutorial to learn how to get the Shieldspire from the Protectors Tribe.

  • Coral Orchestra: An instrument that boosts attack and damage resistance.
    • Coral Highlands: Enter the cave in Area 10 and defeat the Shamos that appears. Follow the scoutflies to the cat’s camp, and talk to them to get a quest. Hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku to complete their quest.

Read the Coral Highlands Grimalkyne Palico Gadget Tutorial to find out how to get the Coral Orchestra from the Troupers Tribe.

  • Plunderblade: Steals items from monsters with attacks.
    • Rotten Vale: Talk to the Researcher NPC in Area 13 — he’ll say something about an Odogaron. Leave and return until you see an event where an Odogaron is carrying a dead Legiana into the zone. After witnessing the event, enter the back of the messy cave. A cat will retreat when you show up — drop a raw meat on the ground to lure it out. Talk to them and they’ll give you the gadget.

Read the Rotten Vale Grimalkyne Palico Gadget Tutorial to learn how to get the Plunderblade from the Plunderers Tribe. Many will argue that this is the best Palico gadget but to each his own.

  • Meowlotov Cocktail: An explosive bomb that continues to damage monsters over time.
    • Astera: Before you can get this gadget, you’ll need to have all five previous gadgets. You’ll also need to reach the Elder’s Recess.
      • Talk to the Lyrian Researcher in Astera to receive a Critical Bounty to collect 10 Gajalaka tracks/pictures. These will only appear in High-Rank zones.
    • Elder’s Recess: Complete the bounty to get another bounty, sending you on a sneaking mission in the Elder’s Recess. You’ll need to sneak through the cat camp and talk to the leader to get this gadget. Use the Ghillie Suit to easily sneak by the patrols.

Final Advice On MHW Palico Gadgets

Those are the 6 MHW Palico Gadgets that you get in Monster Hunter World and where to find them. You can read the full guides by clicking on any of the links above to go to the relevant tutorials.

As mentioned, many believe that the Plunderblade is the best Palico Gadget as it allows you to get more rare items from monsters, however, each MHW Palico Gadget has its usage in different situations and you should test each to get the best end result.

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