Monster Hunter World: Ancient Forest Grimalkyne Quest Guide

In this guide, you learn where to find the Bugtrapper Grimalkyne tribe in the Ancient Forest local of Monster Hunter: World. The Ancient Forest Grimalkyne is one of the easiest to find.

Upon completing the quest you obtain the Palico Gadget, Flashfly Cage, which you can then equip to your Palico. The Bugtrapper Grimalkynes can also accompany you on expeditions and solo quests as well.

Monster Hunter: World Ancient Forest Grimalkyne Tribe

Ancient Forest is the first area you explore in Monster Hunter: World. And the Bugtrapper Palico tribe is one of the first Grimalkyne tribes that you can encounter.

Ancient Forest – Bugtrappers

As a rule of thumb, first unlock the upper area of the Ancient Forest (Camp 17) and enter the Ancient Forest in Expedition mode (not Story Mode) and find doodles around the map left by the Bugtrappers.

Once you collect enough doodles, open your map and find a tailrider icon with a description of ???. Mark it and follow your scout flies to it where to find a lone Bugtrapper that will run away.

Chase it back to its camp (near Camp 17). Once you arrive at its camp your Palico will talk to it and befriend it asking to join the Bugtrappers. That’s basically it. There is no quest for this tribe and you get the Flashfly Cage just by talking to them (via your Palico of course).


So, where is the Ancient Forest Grimalkyne Tribe? To find the Palico Tribe, start an expedition and head to the Ancient Forest. However, choose to start at any of the northern camps.

From here, it gets a bit tricky but not too difficult. Start to look around for Doodles. When you find one and pick it up, go on the map and look at the bottom left and you should see a ??? tab along with any other monsters you can track in the area.

Choose the ??? tab and your scoutflies will start tracking more doodles until you have enough to track the Grimalkyne. Another trick is to open the wildlife map and set it to only display Traps/Environmental.

Look for the catlike symbols and set your tracker (scoutflies) to lead you to that location. To change what the wildlife map displays use R1 and L1 (for PlayStation 4, the console I use).

Monster Hunter World: Ancient Forest Grimalkyne Quest Guide


With regard to Doodles, once you successfully fill the discovery meter, follow the trail you’re given by the Doodles, which lead you to the highest limits of the Ancient Forest map in area 17. Eventually, you find the ground for a new Campsite, and after you successfully swing your way across a few vines, you find the Bugtrapper Grimalkyne Tribe.

Grimalkyne In Ancient Forest Not There

If the Grimalkyne isn’t there then you probably don’t have enough Doodles as yet. Keep searching and collecting and the Grimalkyne would appear at the location.

Video: Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Ancient Forest Location Walkthrough

How To Get MHW Flashfly Cage

Luckily, you do not have to do anything else. Once you collect the Doodles and you find the Ancient Forest Grimalkyne tribe’s location, they hand you the Flashfly Cage.

The Flashfly Cage is a useful Palico equipment that allows you to set up flash traps that confuse, and at later levels, electric traps that paralyze monsters.

What Does Flashfly Cage Do?

  • Flashfly Cage – A Bugtrapper insect cage used to stop monsters in their tracks. Its effectiveness varies with the type of insect inside, and the duration increases with Proficiency (In-Game Description).
    • Max Proficiency Reward – Modified Shock Trap.
  • Ability to befriend Jagras and make them tailraiders.

How To Change Palico Equipment To Flashfly Cage

To change the item that your Palico currently has equipped, head back to the Tradeyard hub area in Astera, and into your personal room. Once inside, speak to your Palco, and choose to change the Palico’s currently equipped gear. Choose the unique gadget option and change it to the Flashfly Cage.

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