How To Unlock Bristles For All Trophy In Monster Hunter World

To unlock the Bristles for All achievement, you have to capture a Bristly Crake, a rare MHW pet that spawns in Rotten Vale.

Luckily, the bird appears in the same area where you unlock the “A Living Fossil” trophy by catching the Petricanths. The Bristly Crake appears on the back of the Mosswine in the area. However, it is super-extremely rare.

And, for those looking for Monster Hunter World Ppalico gadgets, it’s in the same area where you obtain the MHW Plunderblade. One of the most sought-after Palico gadgets in the game.

How To Capture A Stiff Bristly Creature – Bristle Crake

First, you have to find the Mosswine in Rotten Vale. Capturing a Bristly Crake is easier done by starting from the Central Camp (11) and then dropping down the two ledges to the right of the camp.

Once you drop down twice, keep to the left side and go into the small cave. You need to crawl through the small opening on the opposite side. After crawling in, go to the right and up in another small cave is where you find the Mosswine.

You need to equip your Ghillie Mantle to hide your presence as well as equip the MHW capture net that you get from the very start of the game.

See the video for a visual guide. I catch the Bristly Crake in the video. It took me over 3 hours combined spread over 3 days.

Final Advice

If the Bristly Crake is not there, then leave the expedition or, if on a quest, complete it and return to Astera and then go back to Rotten Vale to try your luck once more.

Earning achievements is like increasing your MHW Hunter Rank, it takes time and patience. In the end, it’s a reward that you can savor. Another rare pet that you can catch is the Downy Cake which unlocks the Snuggles For All trophy.

MHW: Bristles For All  – 3 Easy Steps To Catch Bristly Crake

  • Head to area 15 in Rotten Vale to find the Mosswine.
  • Once the Brisly Crake is there, cast your capture net to catch the bird.
  • Once you catch the pet, you get the trophy and can place it in one of your rooms.

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