Monster Hunter World: Rotten Vale Grimalkyne Quest Guide

In this guide, you learn where to find the Plunderer Grimalkyne tribe in the Rotten Vale area of Monster Hunter: World. The Rotten Vale Grimalkyne tribe is the “last” of the Palico equipment gadgets and does not require a quest to obtain the reward.

However, you must have already completed the Ancient Forest Grimalkyne, Wildspire Waste Grimalkyne, and Coral Highlands quests in order to obtain the Plunderblade from this tribe.

Upon finding the Palico and feeding it you obtain the Plunderblade Palico gadget which you can then equip to your Palico. The Plunderer Grimalkynes can also accompany you on expeditions and solo quests as well.

Monster Hunter: World Rotten Vale Grimalkyne Tribe

Rotten Vale is one of the areas you explore in Monster Hunter: World. And the Plunderer Palico tribe is the local Grimalkyne tribe that you can encounter.

Rotten Vale – Plunderers

To start the quest to find the Plunderblade, you have to unlock the lowest level of Rotten Vale. And, you must enter the area on a solo Expedition.

A Plunderer roams around in Area 13 but it only appears after the Odogaron has dragged over the Legian corpse from Area 9.

Once you spot it, it runs away and as usual, you chase it with scout flies to the dead end in Area 15. It retreats to their inaccessible hideout.

You must then place Raw Meat near the entrance when told to by your Palico. Go back as far as possible while still being in few of the Raw Meat.

After a bit, multiple Plunderers will come to eat the meat. After the usual cutscene happens and they join and reward you with the Plunderblade. (You do not have to wait for a Lynian Researcher to be present in the area.)


So, where to find the Rotten Vale Grimalkyne Tribe? To find the Palico Tribe, start an expedition and head to the Rotten Vale. However, choose to start at the central camp (if already set up). From here, it is simple.

How To Find Plunderer Palicos

A Plunderer roams around in Area 13 but it only appears after the Odogaron has dragged over the Legian corpse from Area 9.

The easiest way to get to Area 13 is by starting an Expedition via the Central Camp in Rotten Vale.

Simply go to the area and wait for the Odogaron to pass through and the Palico will appear after and try to escape when it spots you.

Grimalkyne In Rotten Vale Not There

If the Grimalkyne isn’t there then you probably have not completed the previous Grimalkyne quests.

Video: Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Rotten Vale Location Walkthrough

How To Get MHW Plunderblade

As mentioned, you must complete the previous Gimalkyne quests before you can find the Plunderblade. Once you do, go to Rotten Vale and complete the above steps to find Grimalkyne of Rotten Vale’s hideout and they hand you the Plunderblade gadget.

The Plunderblade is a useful Palico equipment in the form of a blade. It allows your Palico to retrieve items from monsters when it attacks.

What Does Plunderblade Do?

  • Plunderblade – An invention on the Plunderers that snatches items from monsters when attacking. The quantity of stolen items increases with proficiency. (In-Game Description)
    • Max Proficiency Reward –  “Palarang”. Launches the Plunderblade like a boomerang, upon a successful hit it will make the target drop a crafting material, slinger ammo, or both.
  • Ability to befriend Girros and make them tailraiders.

How To Change Palico Equipment To Plunderblade

To change the item that your Palico currently has equipped, head back to the Tradeyard hub area in Astera, and into your personal room. Once inside, speak to your Palco, and choose to change the Palico’s currently equipped gear. Choose the unique gadget option and change it to the Plunderblade.

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