Apps Like Showbox For Android & iPhone

There are many movie apps for Android and iPhone that I like. Showbox is a popular one. But, there are many apps like Showbox that work just as good. Some free. Some paid. No matter the case, here are the best Showbox alternatives.

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is one of the best alternatives to Showbox. The interface is similar to Showbox. So, you feel right at home. It’s free and all features are free. There’s no premium version.

Moreover, it streams high quality content. But, sometimes, PlayBox HD may glitch. But, that’s customary with these types of apps.


Viewster works on Android and iOS, PC/desktop. It lets you watch most TV shows and movies free of charge. However, it focuses on Anime.

The only requirement? A stable internet connection. There’s no sign up. Just install and watch.

MegaBox HD

Another app like Showbox is MegaBox HD. At the moment, it’s available for Android only. I like that I can choose the video quality.

For example, if my internet is slow, I can switch to 360p. But, I can also watch in 720p on a faster connection. The most annoying thing about MegaBox HD is the number of ads.


Crackle is another free Showbox alternative for Android, iOS & PC. With Crackle, you can save movies to watch later. And, it support subtitles. Crackle also has good quality videos.

But, content update is slow. So, it’s not the best app for recent shows or films. Outside of that, it’s a good movie and TV app.

Popcorn Time

Another of the good free movie streaming apps is Popcorn Time. It’s one of the few Showbox replacements that work on Linux. What I like about this app is that it connects to smart TVs and supports subtitles. 

But, like most other streaming apps, it often crashes. There’s no workaround yet but it’s worth noting.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV lets you watch free movies and TV shows online in HD. It works on most devices including Smart TVs. But, that’s not all. It also works with Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, and both Android and iOS. It even works with Chromecast.

There are no subscription fees and no credit cards. Just sign up and stream from over 7,439 titles.


Hulu updates regularly with recent TV shows and there’s a wide selection of movies to watch. The good thing about Hulu is that it has a web-based stream. But, there are also native apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows.

OK. So, Hulu is not free. It requires a monthly subscription. And, to get channels like ShowTime, you have to pay extra. But, the good news is that there is a free trial. Use it to find out if you like the service.


Netflix is also another good movie and TV shows streaming service. Like Hulu. it’s not free. However, there’s a free trial. Again, use the trial to see if you like the service.

Netflix works on Android, iOS, MacOS and many smart TVs. There’s also a web-based version that lets you stream content. So, it works on Linux and ChromeOS as well.


You can activate YouTube on most Smart TVs and consoles like the Xbox and PS4. It’s free to use and there’s also the YouTube Red version where you can save videos for offline viewing.

There aren’t many movies and TV shows in full on YouTube. However, for entertainment and news, there’s plenty to choose from. 


Kodi is a free media player similar to Showbox. However, it’s not as easy to set up. But, there are plenty of tutorials online.

You can change Kodi’s skins to your favorite theme. And, it works with Chromecast. There are apps for Android and Windows as well.

I advise you use a fast DNS server to protect your privacy when you use Kodi. Also, many recommend a VPN.

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