How To Change Kodi Skin

Do you need to know how to change Kodi Skin? Then, this tutorial teaches you how to modify Kodi and change the default skin to something more user-friendly. Also, if you need ideas, check our list of the best skins for Kodi. Now, read on for information on how to download and install a new skin on Kodi.

Change Kodi Skin

Here is the short version. However, there is a picture guide and more in-depth guide on this one. Please feel free to also check out the video guide. When you install Kodi for the first time, its default skin is Confluence which also happens to be one of the best skin. However, if you want to change the Kodi’s default skin, follow the process given below. (It’s very simple)

  • Open Kodi -> System -> Settings -> Appearance -> Skins -> Get more

Download & Install Kodi Skins

  • Navigate to the Settings tab under the SYSTEM menu.
  • Select the Appearance tab on the vertical menu bar.
  • Click on the first line of the Skin tab where Confluence is displayed by default.
  • Click on the Get more… button.
  • Select Aeon Nox or the skin of your choice.
  • Wait a minute for the skin files to download.
  • Click on the YES button when prompted by the KEEP SKIN dialogue.

That’s it, you’re done! Remember that you can always change back to Confluence at any point in time.

Video: KODI 17| How to Modify Kodi Skin

Once you’ve changed your Kodi skin, you’ll likely want to go through the individual skin’s settings and see what customization options are available. Some of these Kodi skins can be quite useful depending on which skin customizations you make. As always, it is up to you to decide what works best. Let us know if you have any queries in the comments section below!

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