The Best Firewall For Windows That Are Free

Security need not be expensive. There are free Windows Firewall programs to help protect your computer from online threats. In this article, I tell you about the best free firewall for Windows 10, 8, & 7.


ZoneAlarm  is possible the best free Windows 10 firewall right now. With this free firewall protection, you can hide open ports, block malicious traffic and disable non-trusted programs.

I also like that it connects you to DefenceNet. This feature lets ZoneAlarm actively monitor threats in real-time as well as update when necessary.

Comodo Free Firewall

Our second suggestion is Comodo’s Free Firewall protection. It’s one of the best free firewall because of it’s smart integration and sandbox browser.

So, I like that I can create a sandboxed version of my browser to prevent threats from getting to my PC. Not only that, but you can also add other programs to the sandbox.

The interface is really easy to use. And, you can control firewall permissions from the dashboard.

Another good feature is the website filter which allows you to block websites. It also actively monitors your browsing habits to protect your from malicious websites.


Many of you know OpenDNS as one of the fastest, free, public DNS Servers. However, it’s also a pretty decent firewall.

There’s no software to install. So, it works on every platform. All you have to do is change your DNS (preferably at the router level).

OpenDNS automatically blocks non-trusted websites. And, there are tons of filtration options for you to customize.

AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall has a user-friendly interface that most anyone can use. It works to prevent malicious registry changes, pop-up windows, and flash banners. And, it can block most advertisements.

However, it may not work well with Windows 10. But, it does work great on Windows 8 and Windows 7. That’s because the company no longer updates the free firewall.


PeerBlock lets you bulk block IP addresses. Unlike most free firewall software that focuses on blocking programs.

It’s useful for those of us that use torrent clients or torrent websites. It protects your computer from non-trusted IPs. There’s a list of P2P, spyware, ads IP addresses that you can use to start.


GlassWire is a free firewall for Windows that I like because it displays network traffic. That is to say that I can see which programs send and receive traffic on my network.

It can also block individual apps and scans apps for suspicious behavior. However, it’s not beginner friendly. So, it takes a while to learn the features and interface.

Windows Firewall

No list of free firewalls is complete without mention of Windows Firewall. Believe it or not, Windows Firewall, coupled with Windows Defender offers robust protection of your computer.

Pre-installed on Windows 10, it works in the background, is not resource intensive and updates regularly. You really do not need to do anything. The default set up works just fine.

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