Best Kodi Skin: What Are The Top Skins for Kodi?

We all know Kodi, right? Well, previously, we knew it as XBMC. Kodi provides users, across multiple devices, with free access to the latest movies, music and TV shows. However, many users do not like the visual appeal of the default Kodi skin. And, as we know, much like Addons, the backbone of the Kodi software, skins are essential for user experience. Be sure to check out our article “what are the best Kodi Addons” for more info. Now, let us improve the look of Kodi’s interface with these free Kodi skinsDo you know how to install Kodi skins? Yes? Good. Move on to the list of best Kodi skins. However, if you need to know how to change and install Kodi skins, read here.

Best Kodi Skins

Great! You know how to change Kodi’s skin. Let us move on to the list of the top Kodi skins. Oh, also, check out these cool Kodi capable devices. And, be sure to check out the skins in action via the videos for each Kodi skin. First up on the list is Aeon Nox.

Aeon Nox Kodi Skin

Aeon Nox is the most recommended Kodi Skin after Confluence, Kodi’s default skin. It works and looks great across most devices. Furthermore, Nox is lightweight, so browsing is a breeze with no lag. So, for visual appeal and performance, Aeon Now is the Kodi skin to go with.

Video: Adding Main Tabs, Submenus, and Backgrounds on Aeon Nox Skin in Kodi

Amber – Top Skins for Kodi

Amber is another lightweight Kodi skin which offers a good number of features and runs smoothly on all devices. You can customize the home layout either horizontally or vertically. Other key features include custom home menu, custom home design and the ability to add a custom background. Check out Amber, one of the best Kodi skins in 2017 in the video below.

Video: Amber Skin For Kodi Full Setup

This video above offers a tutorial and an in-depth description of the Amber skin for Kodi. Also, see how to perform picture add-ons for Kodi. Explore the various tools for the Amber skin as well as all the modifications available.

Black Glass Nova

Back Glass Nova is an easy to use skin and boasts a lot of features and customization options. Some of its principal features are – Customize home items, Artwork downloader, skin widgets, clear art and clear logo, etc. Also, just a hint, it looks best on full HD TV screens.

Video: The best Kodi Krypton 17 skin 2017 setup / Black Glass Nova

Mimic Kodi Skin

Mimic is a feature rich template with touches of ReFocus and Aeon Nox. It has a beautiful and clear approach and works well on all devices. Available in many different colors,  Refocus also lets users customize menu items, offers touch support, extra fanart and TV shows logos.

Video: Inside Look at Mimic Skin


ReFocus is a beautifully designed, feature rich skin and offers a lot of customization options. Moreover, it lets users customize home items, has artwork downloader, touch support, skin widgets, etc.

Video: How to Install the Best Skin, Refocus, on Kodi


Eminence is sleek and works quickly. However, it doesn’t have a lot of features. But, it makes up with its design. If you aren’t looking for too many customizations and only need a straightforward and smooth experience, Eminence is one of the top skins for Kodi in this regard.

Video: Kodi 17 Eminence Build Quick Review and Installation


Nebula is a simple yet feature rich skin. It offers tons of customization options and works well with HD TV screens. Moreover, it provides custom home items, extra fanart, Live TV/PVR, Touch support, etc. It might not be great on design, but Nebula gets work done in the most efficient way.

Video: Nebula skin for Kodi

A video on how to install the Nebula skin for Kodi. After installing we’ll do a quick walk through all the different library views that are available for movies, tv shows, and music.

Xperience 1080

Xperience 1080 is a full width (1920 x 1080) panel based skin. Its features include custom home items, horizontal home menu, TV shows logos, etc. The only drawback is partial touch support.

Video: Xperience1080 skin for Kodi

A video on how to install the Xperience1080 skin for Kodi. After installing we’ll do a quick walk through all the different library views that are available for movies, tv shows, and music.


Transparency is best known as the fanart skin. Some of its principal features are custom home items; TV shows logos, vertical home menu, etc. It is known for its ease of use.

Video: Transparency skin for Kodi


Ace is a lightweight yet feature rich skin. It offers tons of customization and has almost every feature that one can imagine. Its only drawback is that it does not support Live TV/PVR, but other than that, it’s a superb skin.


These are the top skins for Kodi. However, our tastes are unique. What do you think is the best Kodi skin? Let us know in the comments section below, and we’d consider adding it to the list! And, as always, thanks for reading Best Kodi Skin: What Are The Top Skins for Kodi? Here on ORDUH!

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