Unwanted Apps Installing Without Permission – How To Stop Unwanted Apps On Android

Are random apps downloading on my Android? Help! Are unwanted apps installing without permission? Then, learn how to stop unwanted apps on Android. Many Android owners notice several apps on their devices that did not download. Which leaves the question of how do I stop apps from automatically installing?

Firstly, most unwanted apps install from third party sources. These include apps not downloaded from the Google Play Store. Instead, you download the APK file and install the app manually.

When you install apps this way, however, the chances are that you install malware. Furthermore, the malware downloads unwanted apps from other unknown sources.

How do I Stop Apps from Automatically Installing?

So, how do you block random apps from installing on your Android smartphone? To stop unwanted apps installing without permission, use one or more of the following tips:

  • Use Apps to check for unwanted add-ons
  • Update your Gmail account password
  • Disable auto update from Play Store
  • Check installed home screen launchers
  • Try the Stubborn Trojan Killer Android App
  • Restrict Background Data
  • Wipe Cache Partition

Unwanted Apps Installing Without Permission: Check for Unwanted Add-ons

Unwanted apps consume your data plan. Consequently, you spend more for data. Additionally, these apps send anonymous data to third party sources. A massive leak of private data. However, the first thing to do to stop unwanted apps on Android is use an add-on killer.

The add-ons detector scans your app library. Then, the app lists the apps that have extreme permissions and auto controls. However, you are the one who decides which apps to delete. I mean, why would a pinball game need access to your call log? Download the app here.

Update Your Gmail Password

Do you use BlueStacks? Sometimes, apps sync over the cloud. Hence, you must log out from other devices linked to your Gmail account. Moreover, you may only change the password.  The idea is that changing your password prevents auto-downloads.

  • Remove your account from the blue stack software.
  • Change your Gmail account password.

Disable Auto Updates

Furthermore, turn off auto updates via the Google Play Store. Do this for apps that cause problems.  Follow the guide below:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Go to the app
  • Click on options and uncheck the box that says auto update.

In the video tutorial, learn how to disable the auto-update feature for apps on your Android smartphones and devices. Automatic updates on Android apps can be useful. However, some apps contain malware and spyware in updates.

Also, updates include changes in permissions granted to the app(s) to access private information on your Android device. You can change both, global settings as well as settings for individual apps.

How To Disable Auto-Update Apps on Android

Stop Unwanted Apps – Third Party Launchers

Admit it. Some of us like to be fancy. We do not like the default launchers on our devices. Hence, we opt to install a third party launcher. For example, some of us do not like the Lenovo Vibe UI, and we disable it. Some of us like it, and we add custom themes.

However, for those of us that install a custom launcher, we need to be careful. Why? Firstly, most launchers feature a ton load of add-ons. We do not need most of these add-ons. Most cause pop-ups, auto downloads, and other nuisances.

Furthermore, have you noticed an increase in battery drain? Yes! Third party launcher may be the problem. In conclusion, suck it up! Delete the third party launcher and use the stock version.

Restrict Background Data

Another feature many of us like is the ability to “save battery life.” So, we have our fancy new launcher! However, now we need a fancy app to stop it from draining battery life. Go figure! We install something like DU Battery Saver. Just NO!

These apps, like launchers, install unwanted apps on our phones. Also, they do more harm to battery life than any good. Although, there is one that I do recommend. Nonetheless, here’s how to stop random apps downloading on your Android.

How to Restrict Background Data on Smartphone

  • Go to Setting & select data usage
  • Now, select each app that you want to restrict from using in background
  • Scroll down and check the “Restrict Background Data” option on your phone
  • Voila! These apps no longer download random **** in the background without your permission.

Wipe Cache Partition to Stop Automatic Downloads

OMG! The penultimate resort. The “only do if you are desperate” step. Complete wipe the cache partition. Say it is not so! Well, yes, did you try all the tips? If yes, do you still see unwanted apps downloading without your permission? If yes, again, then, YES! You HAVE TO resort to this method.

When you clear the cache partition, your phone slows down a bit. However, this slowness is short. Well, until the cache rebuilds. However, the bright side is, it helps prevent random crashes on apps like Facebook. Also, it helps with a few Google Play errors.

Why does your phone slow down? It slows down because you remove the residual files and cache. Cache allows things to preload, i.e., load faster. However, a build up of cache files can do more harm than good. To wipe your cache partition, check out this article.

Last Resort: Factory Reset

I know. No one likes to do a factory reset. I know I do not. However, you can backup your Android contacts and other data before you do. Of course, you need to know your password to start. Did you forget your lock screen password?

No! You have got great memory! Nonetheless, learn how to factory reset tablets & smartphones to get your device running normally again.


In conclusion, there may be many reasons why unwanted apps install on your smartphone. However, if you use these tips, you can troubleshoot the issue.

Are you still having trouble? Then, feel free to leave us a comment. Moreover, as always, thanks for reading Unwanted Apps Installing Without Permission – How to Stop Unwanted Apps 

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