How to Disable Lenovo Vibe UI

This tutorial teaches you how to uninstall the Lenovo Vibe UI. This means that you will use the stock Android user interface instead of the Vibe UI which is found on smartphones like the Lenovo Vibe P1.

You should know that doing this does not void your warranty or affect your saved data in any way. So if you don’t like the Lenovo interface this is what you need to do:

Access Developer Options

The first step takes you to the settings on any of the Lenovo smartphones that you have. You need to find developer options and to get to Developer Options:

  • Select About Phone
  •  Then, go to Version Information
  • Now, scroll to the Software version number
  • Tap Software version number quickly seven to ten times in succession. A short message pops up telling you that the mode has been activated.

Now, go back to the Settings and you will see Developer Options above the About Phone section. Select Developer Options, and then turn on Developer Options by tapping the button next to it (it is switched off by default).

A message will pop up informing you about the dangers that could come with enabling Developer Options. You need to tap Ok in order to continue. Then, go back to one page and tap on Switch system UI style.

Now, you should see options that allow you to switch from the Lenovo UI to the Google stock Android UI and vice versa. Here, you need to select Switch to Google UI style which is at the end of the settings.

A message will appear asking you if you would like to restart your device, you have to as it is the only way to save the settings. When the phone reboots you will be greeted by the Stock Android user interface.

If you need to go back to the Vibe UI then go through the steps above, except for the activating developer options bit, and now you should see Switch to Lenovo UI instead of Switch to Google UI style. That’s all there is to it.

N.B For now, this has been tested on the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro. If you do not see the settings on your Lenovo device then chances are that the feature is not accessible to you.

Thanks for reading, I hope that this post has helped you in uninstalling/disabling Lenovo Vibe UI. Y0u can read our Guides page for more useful tips and tricks.


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