Lenovo Vibe UI

The Lenovo Vibe UI is a custom made user interface that overlays the Android operating system on Lenovo Smartphones like the Lenovo Vibe P1. Customized user interfaces are standard among big brand smartphones, you see them on Samsung smartphones, the TouchWiz UI and HTC smartphones, the HTC Sense UI. This article takes you through the Lenovo Vibe UI features, for themes read: Lenovo Vibe UI Themes, as well as other characteristics of the Lenovo made user interface. If you need to know how to disable this feature then read: How to Disable Lenovo Vibe UI.


Let’s start with the best Lenovo Vibe UI features. These are features that are particularly interesting because they stand out from the normal gesture control (waving a hand over the screen to switch tabs, pages etc.).

Secure Zone

This is a separate space on your device that has its own wallpaper and apps. Its like a secret compartment for protecting things that you wouldn’t want you parents to see or maybe you just like the idea of having privacy.

Lenovo Vibe UI secure zone

The secure zone on the Lenovo Vibe UI interface allows you to receive notifications from the “normal, unsecured zone” and vice versa. If you are in the normal zone and there is a notification in the secure zone, users will see a notification with a tiny red dot in front. Tap it and unlock the secure zone to see the what’s up. There is also a floating button that allows you to easily navigate between the two zones effortlessly.

Stock Android

Unlike TouchWiz and HTC Sense, Lenovo allows users to remove the Lenovo Vide UI and use the normal unedited stock Android user interface. Do you want to know how to Disable the Vibe UI? Its really simple and you can do so via the settings on your device. Read: How to Disable Lenovo Vibe UI. Not to worry though, even if you disable the Lenovo UI, you can still use the Secure Zone and other features :)

Micro screen

If you are using a device with a large screen then you might want to shrink the size of the screen to a mobile friendly size. Using the micro screen feature, with your thumb, you can simply draw the letter C from the top edge of the device screen to the bottom edge and this activates a  one-handed mini screen.

Lenovo Vibe UI micro screen



Wide Touch

The wide touch feature creates a floating menu that provides quick access to applications like the camera, calculator etc. A useful features, if you don’t mind having the menu floating on your screen all the time, that is also seen on iOS devices.

Lenovo Vibe UI Wide Touch

Smart Dialer

With the smart dialer feature, the dialer interface follows the direction of your screen. If you tilt the smartphone to the left then the dial-pad will also tilt to the left.

Lenovo Vibe UI smart dialer

Pocket Mode

Lenovo’s pocket mode increases the volume of the ringer when the device is in your pocket. It also works when the device is in a bag or other storage space.

Lenovo Vibe UI pocket mode

Smart camera mode

This mode is for amateur photographers who simply want to point and shoot. It eliminates all the advance and perhaps overwhelming features and simplifies the camera interface for everyday users like myself.

Lenovo Vibe UI Smart Camera Mode, Professional Camera Mode

Professional camera mode

With the professional camera mode, you can have access to dslr features and the who lot of advance features that are hidden in the smart camera mode. These are for users who are accustomed to using cameras and want to customize and perfect (on a professional level) each shot they take.

Access Special Features

The Vibe UI has a section titled  ‘Features.’ There you can access most of the special features mentioned in this article (except for stock Android and the camera features).

Lenovo Vibe UI Features

Video: Lenovo Vibe UI 2.0 in action

Watch this video to learn about some of the features of the Lenovo Vibe UI.

Images/Sourced Via|VIBE UI2.0:让联想笋尖S90功能全面运行流畅


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