How to Use Greenify App – Extend Android Battery Life

This tutorial teaches you how to use the Greenify app to extend Android battery life on your Android devices. If you haven’t heard by now, Greenify is an app that puts your other apps in a state of hibernation and in return; this frees up memory and battery life.

There are many other apps out there that promise to improve your device battery life and overall performance, but many of them also come with extra bloatware that you more than likely don’t need. Things such as ads and installing other “recommended apps”.

The app, Greenify, on the other hand, has no such features. It is simple and does just what you need it to do. If your Android Smartphone battery drains quickly, then Greenify is the app that will help you save your much-needed battery power. Use Greenify to extend the battery life of your Android device by several hours. Here’s a useful Greenify app review.


The Greenify app hibernates all those power hungry apps running in your Android’s background. The battery life that these apps would be draining frees up which in turn extends your overall battery life/performance. The Greenify APK also frees up a lot of memory on your device, making for smoother and faster transitions between apps and games on your smartphone or tablet. You do not need to uninstall or disable any of your apps, all you have to do is use the Greenify interface to put them into a state of hibernation.

You can even use Greenify to control when an app restarts. All apps will remain in sleep mode until you choose to wake them up. Quite handy for someone, like myself, with over 100 apps. If you have say, 120 apps, and you decide to put them to sleep, and you only want to use say, 5 out of the 100 then, only those five will wake up once you launch them. The others stay sound asleep. Yes, you can even Greenify WhatsApp & Facebook.

Greenify Features

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Greenify – How to Use Greenify App – Extend Android Battery Life

  • NEW: Auto-hibernation now works in non-root mode, (need to be enabled in experimental features setting, Android d 4.1+ required). If you have secure keyguard enabled, try “Hibernate and Lock Screen” shortcut or “Pull up” gesture on Home soft-key.
  • Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it!
  • Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in a unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps while still preserving full functionality when running in the foreground, similar to iOS apps!

You can download Greenify for Android on the Google Play Store, and it is entirely free! Then, use the Greenify manual below to get started using the application.

Install Greenify Setup

For now, the next few minutes I will teach you how to setup and use the Greenify app on your Android device for extended functionality and usability.

  • Download and Install Greenify from the PlayStore & the Greenify Donation APK (Not necessary).
  • Open the Greenify App and Add apps to Hibernation
  • Once the app installs, tap the “+” icon to add apps that you need to put into hibernation
  • Scroll down and tap “Show More Apps.”

Once you’ve completed the above, then move to the next steps.

  • Select all apps and hibernate
  • Long press on an app, once the app highlights, tap on all other apps.When you have selected all apps, click the tick mark icon to hibernate.
  • Trigger Manual Hibernation for Pending Apps
  • Now, you will be shown a short list of apps that are pending for manual hibernation. Select those apps and click the Zzz icon to start hibernation, wait for few seconds for the process to complete. Done.

Video WalkThrough: Save Your Battery with Greenify – Android App Review

Here at, we are power users. As power users, we often have a lot of apps installed. Sometimes those apps run in the background and waste precious battery life and maybe even take away from our data bandwidth. Well if those apps would just go to sleep, we could have more battery left for fighting an ornithoid versus porcine battle.

XDA Senior Member OasisFeng has an application to help put those apps into hibernation. In this video XDA Developer TV Producer, TK reviews Greenify. TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts on the app. So check out this app review.

How do I Delete Greenify?

If the button to uninstall Greenify is grayed out and you cannot click on it or Force Stop when it is running, Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators, and check if Greenify is checked. If so, uncheck it, then go back and uninstall.

Extend Android Battery Life Conclusion

That’s it! All your apps are in hibernate mode. The app will remain asleep until you manually launch it. Greenify prevents all those battery draining, auto-restarting, memory bloating apps from ever getting in the way of your Android’s performance. Enjoy your newly improved battery life and don’t forget to share the info with your friends. You can also opt for the Greenify Donation APK for more featuresFor another application that has app hibernate feature, you can try 3C Toolbox.

Note: if you Greenify WhatsAppFacebook, Twitter, etc. Push Notifications might not show for these applications. To view new messages/notifications, open the particular app. Thanks for reading, How to Use Greenify App to Extend Android Battery Life on ORDUH! As always, we welcome your feedback & queries in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out 3C Toolbox, another great tool for managing and maintaining your Android smartphones & tablets.


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