How To Rename Folders On iPhone & iPad

You can easily customize the home screen on your iPhone or iPad.  For example, if you want to make a new folder, press and hold (long press) on an app until it wiggles, then drag it on top of another one. Another thing that you can do is rename a folder.

iOS: How To Rename Folders

  • Tap and hold (long press) on the folder you want to rename.
  • Once it wiggles, tap the folder again.
  • Tap the folder field to rename and tap done on the keyboard.
  • On iPhone X and later, tap outside of the folder and then tap Done.
  • One iPhone and iPad models with a Home button, tap it to confirm the change.
How to rename folders on iPhone and iPad
Renaming Folders On iPhone X
iOS: How To Change Folder Name On iPhone & iPad
iOS: How To Change Folder Name On iPhone & iPad

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