Google Assistant Bug Shows Old Design

Google Assistant’s redesign rolled out a while ago for Android devices. However, users expecting to see the new smart design are faced with the old layout due to a bug. The new design is more user-friendly, offers a more touch-intuitive interface, and offers quick access to feeds.

Update 11/1: As of 11/1, the new Google Assistant has returned for some users. On our end, several devices that had the old Assistant as of publication last night have reverted back to the new design with truncated panel and modern cards. The fix occurred sever-side and did not require any user action.

Abner Li
– Nov.
1st 2018 1:30 pm PT

Users report that while using smartphones like the Pixel 2 & Pixel 3, holding down the home button brings up the old Google Assistant interface. Also, when asking for the weather or other information, the older, non-full height card style appears to return the results.

Recently, there have been several bugs including the Pixel not saving photos and the Second Notch bug on the Pixel 3. However, Google is quick to resolve the issue and rest assured that the company is already working on a fix.

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