How To Record More Than One Snaps

Do you want to record multiple snaps on SnapChat? There are already lots of cool tricks to do with SnapChat. However, one thing many users do not know is that you can send more than one snaps.

How To Make More Than One Snaps

Snapchat’s multiple Snap feature lets you record up to 6 video snaps. They appear in the order recorded in your status or when you send them to a friend

Each video lasts 10 seconds. This means that you can have a minute worth of video recording. Also, after every ten seconds, a thumbnail appears in the bottom left-hand corner. You can also trim your videos.

To trim or shorted Snaps, tap the video to see the “Trim” option. Sometimes it appears automatically.

Once you like the end result, simply tap send to upload your snaps to your status or send to a friend.

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