How To Fix Fingerprint Limit Reached On MacBook Pro

Sometimes you run into problems with the fingerprint technology on your MacBook Pro. One common error is the “fingerprint limit reached”. The error appears and prompts you to remove your fingerprint from your account.

What’s weird is that the message even appears when you do not have any fingerprints registered on your MacBook.  The issue seems to be a software error.

Fix Fingerprint Limit Reached Error On MacBook

  • Firstly, restart your MacBook Pro
  • During restart, hold down Command + R until the Apple logo appears.
  • Once you see the logo, release the keys.
  • This puts your Mac into recovery mode.
  • Choose Utilities (in the upper menu).
  • Then, choose Terminal.

With Terminal open, copy and paste or type in the following command:

xartutil - erase-all
  • Lastly, tap Enter. Then,  type yes.
  •  Click the little Apple icon in your upper top menu.
  • Choose Restart to restart your MacBook Pro.

Once the system boots up, go into System Preferences and then set up your Touch ID once more. If you still run into the problem, take your MacBook to an Apple Repair Center.

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