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We all like Snapchat, right? I mean there are some cool Snapchat tricks and tips out there. However, if you are looking for something like Snapchat that is not Snapchat, check out these Snapchat alternative apps. Although, I do not know why anyone would want apps with Snapchat filters. Why not just use the original? After Snapchat came up with vanishing messages, other apps soon followed. Whether good or bad, here are the top apps related to Snapchat.

Cyberdust | Instant Messenger Like Snapchat

Our first Snapchat alternative is Cyberdust. An instant messenger by default. Cyberdust packs some modern features. As a Snapchat alternative, this app offers the same timed messages as Snapchat. Users can send images, stickers, GIFs, animations and even website links. All these may use the timed feature as well. Pin messages so that you never forget a chat. Edit images and write on them.

Furthermore, Cyberdust alerts you when someone tries to take a screenshot of your pictures. And, with high-end encryption, rest easy knowing that your data is protected. The app runs on iOS 7 or later and Android 4.0 and above. Download for Android or iOS.

Masquerade | App Most Like Snapchat

Masquerade is a pretty awesome app like Snapchat. With Masquerade, users can create photos and videos with the option to broadcast it live on Facebook. You can apply filters and animations to your creations. And, just recently Facebook bought Masquerade so you can expect it to come out with some new innovative features. Find the app on iOS and Android. Some say that Masquerade will soon be better than Snapchat. Check out MSQRD (Masquerade) in the video below and let us know.

Wickr | Most Secure Snapchat Alternative Client

If you want to use Snapchat filters without Snapchat, then Wickrt is a good place to start. Wickr sends encrypted self destructing messages just like Snapchat. Moreover, Wickr is the most secure IM available on the market. Send files via Wickr with no link back to you. However, what most people want, the Snapchat like filters. Users can add filters and edit your image before sending. If security is a concern then Wickr is the best Snapchat alternative client on the list. Available for both Android and iOS.

SNOW | Snapchat Clone With Tons of Filters

SNOW, a Korean developed app, offers a ton load of Snapchat like filters. If you like outrageous and outright crazy filters, then SNOW is just what you need. Moreover, there are loads of stickers to use. Also, SNOW doubles as a chat app. However, stories last for 2 days and there is also a GIF option as well. And, like Snapchat, SNOW lets you know when someone tries to take a screenshot. Unfortunately, SNOW is only available for iOS. It is also compatible with most of the cool emoji apps for iPhone.

Face Swap Live| Alternative For Snapchat

Another useful alternative for Snapchat is Face Swap Live. The original face swapper app. Swap faces with your friends during a live video recording. Or, use a pre-existing image and swap faces. Record videos or photos of yourself swapping faces with a celebrity, friend or any fun picture from the internet or your phone. The app is available for iOS & Android.

BOO! | Yet Another Filter App

BOO! integrates with to provide live broadcasting. Similar to Snapchat, BOO! lets users add captions or draw doodles on photos and videos.  Furthermore, there are daily challenges that allow you to gain access to limited edition filters. Find this Snapchat alternative on iTunes and Google Play.

Do You Know Of Other Apps With Selfie Filters Like Snapchat?

These are the top Snapchat alternative apps right now. However, if you know of any other app like Snapchat, let us know below in the comments. Thanks for reading Apps Like Snapchat | Something Like Snapchat – Snapchat Alternative App on ORDUH! Remember to share this article on Social Media.

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