Cool Snapchat Tricks & Tips

Who does not like Snapchat? The next best thing after emojis, right? Did you know that there are some rather neat tricks on Snapchat? And, there not half as hard as taking a screenshot on a Mac. Trust me! Whether you’re new to Snapchat or a veteran user, here are the best Snapchat tricks and tips to make using the app even more fun.

Use Bitmoji As Home Screen Widgets

One of those tricks for Snapchat that I like is the option to use a friend’s Bitmoji as a home screen widget. This way, whenever I need to talk to someone that I chat with regularly, I tap their Bitmoji and go straight to the chat. However, for this to work, both friends must use the Snapchat Bitmoji feature. To add friends to the home screen, read the iPhone 7 tutorial and Galaxy S7 tutorial (works for other iOS and Android devices).

Shazam & Snapchat

Did you know that you can use Snapchat to identify songs? Yes, you can. Shazam now integrates with Snapchat. So, technically, you do not need to have the Shazam app if you have Snapchat installed.  Launch Snapchat, press and hold the camera, and Snapchat begins recognizing the song that is playing. To view a history of all the songs identified, go to Settings – Shazam and voila! Furthermore, you may listen to the song on iTunes/Apple Music or view the video on Vevo.

Read SnapChats Without Marking Them Read

Are you a sneaky Snapchat user? Meh, maybe you just want a bit of privacy. There is a way to read messages on Snapchat without the other party knowing. A sort of way to disable read receipts on Snapchat. Be careful when using, you may accidentally read the message. On the chat screen, tap on the friend’s name, and slowly drag your finger to the right edge of the screen. Snapchat displays the message. However, one you read it, just drag your finger back to the left side of the screen, and Snapchat won’t mark the message as a read message.

Use Multiple Snapchat Filters in Snaps

Did you know that you can add more than one filter to your snaps? Yes. You can add up to a maximum of three filters. To add multiple Snapchat filters, tap and hold the snap, and, with another finger, swipe to select more filters.

Snapchat Sketch-pen | Black & White Color

Everyone likes a little doodling. Tap the pencil icon to see the different colors you can use to scribble text on your snaps. However, though not evident, you can also use white or black as the color. To enable these colors, tap on a color. Then, drag your finger to the top left corner to enable white. Or, drag your finger to the bottom, opposite direction to allow black.

Create Snapchat Story Playlist

If you want to see stories from your favorite people, then just create a playlist with these individuals. From the Snapchat home screen, go to Stories. Then, tap on your friends’ Snapchat avatar to add them to the playlist. A play button appears on the bottom of the screen. Press it to play the stories of the friends you selected.

Edit Snapchat Friend Emojis

Friend Emojis are the emojis that show up next to your friends’ names in Snapchat. You can set custom emojis if you want. To do so, open Snapchat, and tap “Settings”. Here, go to “Manage”, under “Additional Services”. Tap on “Friend Emojis”. On the screen that opens, tap on the Friend Emoji you want to edit and choose your new one.

Cool Snapchat Tricks and Tips

Before I end, I forgot to mention that you can also scan QR codes with you Snapchat camera. Decrypt the information, whether it be text or link. So, go now and test out these cool tricks on Snapchat. Do you know of any other cool tricks for Snapchat? Let us know in the comments to get it on the list. As always, thanks for reading Cool Snapchat Tricks and Tips | Snapchat Video Tricks With Video Tutorials on ORDUH! Share the tips with your friends.

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