Games Like Clash of Clans | Try These COC Alternatives

What type of game is Clash of Clans? Clash of Clans (COC) is a freemium mobile MMO strategy video game and a favorite mobile game among mobile gamers. Have you played COC? Do you like the decisive gameplay? Then, you can play some games that are similar to Clash of Clans. Whether you like COC or just want to try something different, for example, zombie games like Clash of Clans, these Clash of Clans alternatives have something for every gamer. Try them out and let us know what you think.


DomiNations reminds players of the popular Age of Empires video game. Like Age of Empires, you get to build a thriving civilization and travel through history as the leader of the nation. You choose a culture from Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans, or Greeks. Start out as the leader of a village of early hunters and gatherers. From there, you commence your conquest of the ages from the dawn of civilization to the modern era. Find out more at and And, check out the promotional and gameplay videos below.

I know that most of us like to play fair. However, for those that like to get ahead of the game, have you tried out XMOD? With it, you can unlock unlimited gold, resources and more in games like Clash of Clans. Why not get a head start on the competition?

Tribal Wars

Another game similar to Clash of Clans is Tribal Wars. This game began as a browser-based back in 2003. However, since then it made its way onto Android via the Google Play Store and on iOS via iTunes. In this game, you create villages, form connections, and conquer the world. I know. It sounds familiar. You can play Tribal Wars on mobile or via a web-browser.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Do you like Call of Duty? I know I do. Take action on mobile with Call of Duty: Heroes. However, this version is not the typical first-person shooter. Like COC, COD: Heroes is a strategy game. Take control of and level up heroes from the Call of Duty franchise, including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and more. Each hero has their progression system and unique Killstreaks.  You can find it on iTunes, Google Play Store, and even the Windows Store.

Boom Beach

When it comes to war games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, also developed by Supercell, the developers of COC, is probably the closest in similarity. However, the developers did incorporate some different components in Boom Beach so that it would not be a copy of COC. In Boom Beach, you have to train troops and create weapons in an advanced world. The interface and game quality is much better than Clash of Clans. There is still the HQ that you have to defend. You may do so with defense buildings, machines, and more. The game is available via iTunes and Google Play Store.

Having trouble finding an application on the Google Play Store? Developers sometimes lock games to specific locals. For example, some games are only available in the USA/Canada. However, you can learn How to Change Google Play Store Country to bypass country blocks and plays your favorite game or download your favorite app.

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander is an action/strategy game available on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. If you are a Star Wars fan, then I don't need to tell you why you should play this one. Manage an army of troops, choosing to do good or evil; the decision is yours. You can opt to align yourself with fan favorites like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and more. Will you side with the Rebellion or the Empire? Join the fight, build your base, recruit and train your army, strategically plan your defenses, and lead your troops to victory on war-torn worlds throughout the galaxy.

Many of these games have in-app purchases to help you get more resources, equipment or money to buy such. And, sometimes, if you use Android Pay, you might encounter errors where you cannot pay for the upgrades. Here's how to fix the Android Pay Cannot Be Used Error.

Clash Royale

Another Supercell developed game for smartphones. They sure do like making Clash of Clans type games. Clash Royale combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. This game is a real-time multiplayer game. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells, and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns, and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community. Find it at and

Like our lists? Here are a few more to check out:

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Some games are like Clash of Clans, and then there are Plants vs. Zombies. The zombie game we hinted at earlier. If you loved the first installment, then part two of the game does not disappoint. The second edition adds new features but keeps the basics. You create a battalion of plants to defend yourself against Zombies. There are different types of plants each with unique abilities. All you have to do is ensure that you place your defenses in strategic locations. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Total Conquest

Next on our list of games that are just like Clash of Clans is Total Conquest which follows the Roman Empire. As a warrior, you rise to take charge and lead the Empire to victory as you dominate the world. Find it on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Windows Store.

What do you think of our list fo Clash of Clans alternative games? Do you know of any other free games like Clash of Clans? Tell us about them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading Games Similar to Clash of Clans | Top COC Alternative Games to Play on OrDuH. Please share the list with your friends.